Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Tales of Two Weeks (or is it Three?)

I have been so busy these last few weeks that time has slipped though my fingers and before I know it I have failed to update all of you once again. So I am taking a few minutes now to tell the tales of the last few weeks.
I have jumped into school and been very busy trying to juggle house, family and school. So far managing pretty well (thanks to my Hubby - BStrong). I managed to get A's on my first two I just have to keep them up. The battle if half won!
Kids are doing great. Peanut is pulling to stand without quing at the bathtub, gets up on her own everytime! Our PT had her baby, a baby girl ( she is such a doll) so we have a new PT filling in for us until Ms Julie gets back. The only problem is that Peanut knows the differance between the replacement and Julie..and is giving us a hard time and not working very well. OH, well. We will keep trying, but we may be given a bigger run for our money then we had anticipated.
I can't believe Peanut will be two in a couple of months! Where has the time gone?
I have kept our family busy by falling up my stairs and hurting my knee. Yes, I had a momentary lapse in memory as to how to walk UP the steps. I apparently did a ggod job on it, as it took me three weeks to get my butt in to see my orthopaedic surgoen, and when I finally went he tells me I split a muscle in my leg (Vastus Lateralis, it's one of the quadracept muscles). Basically I bought myself a ticket to the OR, but oh, by the way, they have no room on their schedule for almost eight weeks! Diod I mention I can't walk? I'm in pain? I'll just keep taking my Motrin and try not to do too much (Yeah right...mother of three here!?). The funny thing is, is that if g-d forbid it was one of my kids I would not hear of being pushed off for that long. I'd be insisting on surgery ASAP. I however, look at it as if I want to be worked on by the best of the best, I wait. The surgeon IO use is none other than Dr James Bradley, Of Steeler football fame. Yes, he is the official head MD for the superbowl winning team...beacause of him, the steelers were able to walk onto that field. So what's eight weeks of Motrin?
James is talking up a storm. He is doing so well, yet still not quite up to age appropriate speech. But aI am just pleased with the amazing progress he has made.
Elle is suppossedly having trouble in school (at least accordingh to her teachers). But I don't belive it, as when I work with hershe knows everything the teacher has just told me she doesn't know. I think perhaps she wants attention.
So that's the update...Been busy, not all good, but mostly good. Hope all is well by you all...thanks for hanging in and waiting fo rupadtes...I will try to post sooner then before...but Im not promising anything!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Steelers Get the Job Done 21-10!!!!!

Ok, I admit I am not that into football, but this season I have developed an appreciation for the finer things in life. At least the last few games have caught my interst. But let me tell you, last night was awesome! I can't believe we won the super bowl (did I mention I was born and raised in Pittsburgh?)
My kids had a blast as they got to stay up later and watch part of the game with their Steeler attire on over their pj's.
The weird thing is that I am older then Roethlisberger, by a few years, and the guy played and won in the super bowl...dream big, and it can be done!
Have a great day...I know we all will here in the great city of Pittsburgh.