Sunday, June 24, 2007

Harriet Houdini

Ahuva has a new nickname - Harriet Houdini. You've heard of Harry Houdini, the famous escape artist who could get himself out of almost any predicament possible? Well, Ahuva has a new trick, that allows her great freedom, and is really impressive. Are you ready to hear what it is? Let me give you some clues and see if you can add them all up:

She has mastered wrist rotation!

She has added to that the pull of the upper body -

and the stepping backward of the lower body which in turn allows her to

....are you ready?

...Are you sure?

...OPEN A DOOR! Yes ladies and gentleman, she has mastered opening a regular door knob! No longer can she be coraled by any ordinary door knob...for now she is master of her domaine!

YIKES! Am I in trouble or what?

Friday, June 22, 2007


Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary. No I did not get tin for my gift - thank you smart hubby! I got the modern ten year gift - diamonds. A beautiful ring to symbolize our eternal love -- sorry to be so mushy, but hey isn't that the whole thing about diamonds? I already know that they are definitly a girls best friend....
For my hubby I replaced his lost wedding band. I thought that would be appropriate.
Honey, I love you and here's to Ten more years..
love ya!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

James Big Day

Doesn' t that sound like the title to a Thomas the Tank Engine Story?
But I digress...Today was James end of year party and play in school. Even though they have school til the end of the week, the teachers did a great little play and song thing for the parents. It was so cute, and the kids all had worked so hard! James did a great job singing aling (ok to most of the songs, he is a little shy about his speech). He did do all the hand motions.
After ward, James helped his little sister explore his classroom, introducing her to everyone, "this is my sister Ahuva!" He helped her climb the stairs to the "tree house" . He made sure she held the railing and reprimanded a fellow classmate for pushing past her. HE told them, "you'll make her fall and crack her head open! She is slow, you have to say beep- beep"....ahhh out of the mouths of babes!
It is so nice to see the two kids getting along so nicely, helping each other out. Even better is that James has a sense of his little sister doing things more slowly and is willing to protect her. I am so pround of my big boy! HE has really grown and become quite the young man,.....not if we could do something about the dirty clothes left on the floor..well, I guess I have to leave somehting for his wife to deal with?
James even insisted on a picture with "mommy, baby and sissy too". I can't beleive we are heading to Kindergarten next year...boy does time fly!

The Big Trip

We went to the wonderful city of Detroit, Michigan for two days to visit my niece and brand new great nephew. In other words my neice had a baby boy and we went to check him out. He is so yummy, small at 6 pound 14 oz - ok not so small, but compared to my moster baby he is small. My niece looks great for having had number three a week ago, and the two other kids are adjusting well. The trip in wasn't bad at all. My kids travel so nicely, which is a good thing, as the Mother-in-law came with us. I am sure that my Hubby will blog about the trip...I will just skip to the fun parts.
We stayed at a hotel so that we didn;t impose on the new mom, and it made it feel like a mini-vacation. When we got to the hotel, the kids, my husband, mother-in-law and I went swimming. What better way to go swimming then indoors, where you don't have to mess with sun scream (oops...that's sun screen, to you we call it sun scream cuz the kids usaully end up screaming at some point during the application...'honey, did you put it in the kids eyes again?") They had a blast, especially miss amanda, who thanks to school and her teachers LOVED the water. She was so mad when it was time to get out. She has no fear fo the water at all...ahe just wants to jump right in!
Baby Alistair even got in on the action, with daddy taking him in for a spin around the pool (unfortunatly I can only put soo many pictures in a post...perhaps Daddy will pout that pic on his post?!)
While we were there, we decided, ok I decided, that we should take the kids to the zoo before we know to tire them out so that the trip home would be a breeze? Let me tell you it worked! The only problem with my plan is that then we, the adults were all exhausted too!
The Dertoit Zoo is amazing! First of all, our zoo here at home is filled with hills and alot of cement. The Detriot zoo, is, well Flat! Not too much cement, and fun! We went to the Polar bear exhibit where you can walk under the water and watch the sea lions and polar bears swim over you and around you...very cool. Amanda loved it so much. She was a little distracted by the water reflections since it was a sunny day (92 degrees baby!) but when the sea lions came up, she was watching intently.
After the zoo trip, we hopped in the car, fed the kids and watered them up, got on the raod and headed home. We made in good time stopping two times. THe kids, Ellie, James and Alistairt slept most of the way home, while Peanut was awake and glued to her TV scrren, not sure how on earth we managed to get Blue's Clues in the car. Hey, whatever works, right?
All in all it was a great trip, kids behaved, I behaved, you know a little mint chocolate chip ice cream will get you along way ion my house!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Holy Shoes!?!

Since when do childrens shoes cost $100? I remember the good old days when my mom would take me for shoes. The most expensive ones were $50- $60 and man that was alot of money back then. I remember she splurged a couple of time for weddings, on good pairs of shoes.
We went for a walk today ( in an effort to save gas - besides it was nice out) to buy sandles for the kids. School is over the end of the week, and it is time for their toes to get a breathe of fresh air. Miss Ellie has narrow heels and need to be fitted in a good shoe. MrJames has a double wide foot, and Miss Peanut needs good arch and ankle support. So this is one family that can't shop for shoes at Wal-mart. Miss Ellie found pair of cute shoesshe really liked them until I saw the price tag...$100.."um, Ellie perhaps you like the OTHER shoes better?"
We came home a little lighter in the wallet, but the kids have great fitting shoes. Ahuva had to have hers ordered from Zappos, as the store didn't have her size in stock.
NOTE: So the shoes we ended up with are NOT the ones pictured above. Those are the $100 shoes she wanted...I guess sshe'll start saving her allowance up for next year....

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Goodbyes...for Now

Yesterday was Peanuts last day of school. Although she had only been there for a short time, about a month, we fell in love with her teachers , therapists, staff and friends . She has grown tremendously - in personality, social skill, and developmentally. Amanda has managed to find new ways to explore her environment. Peanut has become a student and a teacher. She has taught fellow classmates to open doors to explore other environments (ie she taught them how to run out the room and down the hall, shrieking with delight). She has discovered that she can help her classmates learn how to participate in self help skill, by encourageing wiping their mouths after a meal. Amanda has also learned how to blow kisses from one of her new, dear friends. Not to mention shoe shopping by offering 'lost shoes' to those without shoes on. My little one has grown tremendously independant, wanting to feed herself, and getting very mad when you try to do it for her. Music is her newest love, dancing to the rhythm of the beat, coaxing her baby brother on by grabbing his hands and helping to to 'dance' along. Let's not foget the finger isolation and extention - she points at what she wants and says 'uh-uh' patting you until you give it to her. If she knows the sign she'll sign for what she wants...all while smiling that adorable smile, that which melts all hearts.
We will miss everyone over the summer...those who will be back for our special summer session, we look forward to seeing, everyone else we can't wait to see you in the fall. Amanda has taken to school like a fish to water, thanks to all your love and support. Thank you for being there and for being so caring. Enojoy your summer...and KEEP IN TOUCH!

Friday, June 08, 2007

A Tale of Two Lenses

So you've heard of the famouus Charles Dickens novel A Tale of Two Cities? Well, here's my version of the story. A Tale of Two Lenses.

This morning we got dressed as usual, put her lenses in and headed downstairs to get ready for school. Shce sat at the big table, to eat her Cheerios. Then, while my older two headed outside to play on the deck, she followed. I checked her eyes before she went out, and her lenses were still in. After getting lunches organized, kids shoes on, and putting car seats in the car (I traded cars with the ubby cuz my radio was on the fritz..that's another story) I gathered everyone up and checked her lenses one more time. Low and behold she was mssing, not one but BOTH of her lenses. OMG! I thought I was losing my mind! I knew I had put in both her lenses this morning, at least I had thought I had, didn't I keep checking her eyes for them?
I asked Ellie if I had put them in...she must have thought I was nuts, as the look she gave me as she said, " yes you did mommy, remember?"...I guess I didn't want to face the reality of what this meant, that she lost TWO lensses at once. The repurcussions of such an event would be , well, not good. It would mean more money shelled out for lenses. Two weeks after having just gotten these, means these haven't been paid off yet.
I spent 45 minutes crawling around looking for them, to no avail. Disappointed, upset, bewildered I put on her back up glasses (the really thick bottle looking ones) and set off to drop her off at school.
I can't beleive we are going to start the last day of school like this - late and minus our contacts. It was bad enough she had broken her glasses for ontop of the contacts last week and worse still that the frames had been discontinued and I can't seem to find them anywhere! Now this!? COuld she possibly have eaten the lenses, while partaking in her breakfast? Mmmmm, these Cheerios are extra crunchy this morning mommy....
I dropped her off, and returned home to crawl around for another couple of hours and guess what! You awill never believe it...I FOUND not one, but BOTH of the lenses. One was on the deck under the patio furniture, and the second was at the edge of the deck where it over looks the car. Amanda had been standing there watching me put the car seats in.
My luck was greater then great, as I found them before it started to rain cats and dogs.
Now my only dilemma was which lense went in which eye, as they had not marked this pair with the customary dot. I found an optomitrist who was able to read the lenses and give me his best guess as to which one goes to which eye. I also have the prescribing physician sending me a new set, so that the ones I found will become extras, as we are not 100% sure which one goes to which eye.
Boy, with all the excitment we had today I hope tomorrow is a bit duller.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

First Tooth for Baby

Today, Baby Alistair cut his first tooth! He has been so incredibly cranky these last few days. I even had ENT look at his ears to make sure he didn’t have an infection. He just was not himself. Finally I noticed in his little mouth the nub of a first tooth! YAY! He is 5 and a half months old, and has his first tooth, with a second not far behind!
He is also trying so hard to crawl. Yes, I said crawl. He gets himself moving, although usually backwards, but he wants to go go go go go! Alistair will turn a complete 180 degrees on the floor. Which means Peanut comes over and moves his toys behind him…but he still gets them. Wait until he is really moving, she is in for a rude awakening. She is so funny..miss Amanda thinks that Alistair is a ride…tally ho there cowgirl..wait that’s not a horse that’s your baby brother!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blast from the Past

An old family friend was in last week visiting...ok really he was on his way back home from a conference and made a pit stop here to see the crew. Dr. Bill , as we fondly call him, has known me for the last 16 years...watching me grow up, get married and start my family. It was cool to see him again. The last time I saw him was before Brian and I got married. We spent Christmas with him and his family while we were still dating.

So we, Baby Alistair and I had lunch with him and my parents then after making our rounds picking kids up from school, the family came back to my parents for dinner with Dr. Bill. We had a great time catching up, and yes, dare I say it , reminiscing (do I feel old or what?) I used to think only really really old people would spend their time remembering the "good old days" Well, I guess that means I'm old! Here's a Pic of Dr. Bill with my big Baby boy, Alistair. At 5 months old he is wearing 18-24 month clothing. I can barely lift him in his little car seat carrier..Dr. Bill couldn't hold him for too long either. Don't feel bad Bill...Brian can't hold him that long either. About 2 minutes is his max time!

Beach Party

Yesterday at school, Amanda's class had a Beach party. They laid out beach towels and had a grand old time at the "beach". Her teacher told me that my little one laid down on the towel, spread her arms and legs wide and laid there. Then she moved to the next towel, and repeated this, but then rolled over onto her back and laid there...taking a suntan, I suppose. Daddy...I think Miss Amanda wants to go to the beach.....what do you say?

Rub -A-Dub-Dub

The other day when I pickd up Miss Amanda the teachers had a fabulous tale to tell of my little ones adventures for the day. Apperently she got into the bathroom when no one was looking. She made her weay to the sink, climbed up on the stool, turned on the water and got soap from the soap dispenser. She proceeded to wash her hands like a good little girl. Very impressive, as the first day of school she could do no more then climb up on the stool.
The problem that lies therein, is that last night before bathtime, Miss Amanda got into the bathroom when I wasn't looking. She made her way to the toilet and was "washing" her hands. I think we still have a little work to do here...what do you think?
I should note that she thought it was the funniest thing ever! and was very proud of herself...