Sunday, October 30, 2005

Peanut's Newest Tricks

Looking back over my last few posts, I realized I haven't told you about all the new tricks Peanut has. She has been very busy this last month, learning and surprising all of us. Not to mention she had her half birthday this week, and is now 18 months old. I can hardly beleive it! Where has the time gone, we just had har first birthday last month, wasn't it? Before I know it she'll be in school and running around driving me crazy...wait a minute, she kinda does that already....Anyway back to her new tricks where to start? Well, lets start at the top and work our way down.
In the cognitive/developmental department, she is getting it! Yesterday we had vision in to work with her, and the vision therapist calls me in the room and says watch this. We have a book with a picture of a xylaphone in it. We also have a xylaphone that Peanut loves to beat on, it looks different from the one in the book, but you can tell they are the same thing. Well, apparently Peanut could tell they were the same thing too. The therapist asked Peanut whats this? Peanut lookos at he book and turns to her toy and beats on her toy. Then the therapist asks her where her toy is in the book. She stops playing with the toy and points at the picture in the book. After turning the book upside down, backwards, and repeating it. Peanut picked her xylaphone and matched them each time. Way cool brain synapses going on here people! We also were able to cross off her IEP the finding covered pobjects and object permanance, she so gets it, in fact the developmentalist and I were joking that she is bored with the can you find it games.
In the Speech department, in the last three weeks Peanut has discovered her voice. She sits and chats up a storm, baba, dada, lala, mama, varying the tones, intonations, and orders of the consanent vowels. While she is doing great and has /m, b, d, l, g, n, p/ consanents, she basically only has /a, o/ as vowels. WE've got work, but we are so excited to hear her! She will scream from the other room to get your attention, or even from right next to you if yoiu are paying enough attention to her. Very cool!
We have also been very social this last month and it seems to have worn off on PEanut. She is very interested in babies and wants to interact with them. She tries to touch them, and talk to them. She shared her toy a couple of weeks ago...I am not exagggerating. She was playing with a toy and a little boy a few months younger then her was trying to get it from her. She stops, looks at him, hands him the toy, reaches across midline and gets another toy for herself, and goes back to banging her blocks together. I could not beleive it, until she did it again this weekend with another child. Similar circumstances, but she shared!
In the gross motor/PT department she is cruising along the surface of a couch, if you give her incentive. She will walk holding onto your hands, and has been working hard at walking holding onto only one hand. Peanut is on the move on her butt, butt scooting, and hopping along on her little bum. You can leave her in one spot, only to find her stuck behind the door clear across the room in ten minutes, sometimes less.
In the OT/food department, she is FINALLY getting the hang of drinking from a cup. We have been encouraging using a nosy cup (the cups with the cut outs so you don't have to tilt your head back to get the liquid, instead the cup and fit past your nose). It seems to be working as she is taking 1-2 oz a day by cup. Otherwise we have discovered that she really likes to eat soups. It seems to help to have a textured item in with the liquid, it cues her to swallow the liquid. So I have been busy increasing my repertior of soups. So far we have made Yellow Split pea, Cream of Sweet potato, Carrot and spinach soup, chicken soup, mushroom barley soup, and of course beef and noodle. Of all of the soups Peanut likes the Yellow split pea one the best. I think it is pretty good too. I'll try to post the recipe later, for those of oyu who might like to try it. Pooping is going much better, she goes 2-5 times a day, and is not crying at all! Yippy!
This week we are going to the hospital for our overnight stay to do another sleep study. The first one they did was not a real one, it was only a partial sleep study, this one is the real deal, full blown sleep study. So we will be having a sleepless night at the hospital. As long as everything is fine and we don't come home with any germs, we'll be ok.
This has turned into the total brag post, but she has changed and grown so much and I have been too busy going on about myself anf my son, that Peanut got left in the dust. As I am typing this, Peanut is trying to get at my sons hot chocolate, which he took a drink from and put down on the floor. Little does he realize that Peanut hops and scoots across the floor to get at things...speaking of which she has completed her journey across three feet and is trying to figure out how to drink the cocoa. Oops, James came back to rescue his drink, she's crying now. Guess I should try to give her some in her nosy cup.... have a happy day guys!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Spa de la Discrecion

I recently went to a five star spa, as a gift from my husband. I had gotten the gift certificate from him for my birthday back in August, but had not found the time until recently to get there. It was a nice unassuming location, nothing fancy, but great service, and certianly with a smile. Well, after the most relaxing massage, I spend a good half hour in the post massage relaxation chair, they had some funny name for it like, the post bliss de-clouding chair, or some strange thing. As I leave, they ask if I would like to come back, of course I say yes. Not to mention I still have money left on my gift certificate. They then proceed to invite me to bring someone with me the next time. They have couples massage specials that I might like to share. I said no my husband is not coming the next time. Of course I said no, I would rather keep this to myself (yes I am that selfish, how often do I get to do something just for me?). So instead they offer to me the opportunity to bring my boyfriend the next time, promising to be discrete. I assumed that they had not heard me when I had said I was not interested in bringing my HUSBAND. So I repeated, yet they assured me that they had meant my spouse, boyfriend or significant other, whomever that may be. Apparently I am living in a dream world, in bliss thinking that there are people who still beleive in monogomous relationships. Desperate Houswives is not so off the beaten path, with this one sleeping with that one and then the next one lines up...what the heck people!?
I come home and relay the story to my Nanny who tells me sure everyone has affairs all the time, and proceeds to tell me about this friend and that friend and their extra cirricular activities. Anyway she tells me I could never have an affair or extra marital affair because I have a big mouth and I'd screw it up, her words not mine. But she's probably right, I do have a big yap, although I have been doing much better about keeping it shut (that might be because I can't remember anything anymore).
Later that day it occurs to me that maybe I should send my husband and my boyfriend for a special couples massage together. I wonder what the concierge at the spa would say to that? Of course I'd have to get a boyfriend first, of course my nanny is right, I probably wouldn't do that very well. Honey, if you are reading this, I love you and you know I'd never cheat, unless it was with my boyfriend ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dinner Delight or Disaster?

We had the family over for dinner the other night. It was nice, my parents and siblings all came, and so did Uncle John. My kids had so much fun playing with all the aunts and uncles, then my eldest had her first sleep over at my moms house. I was pleasantly surprised that she lasted the whole night. I thought for sure around midnight or one in the morning I'd be getting that call that she'd want to come home. She proved me wrong! Anyway, I digress, the dinner was interesting in that I just could not seem to get things right. Don't get me wrong for as interesting as dinner ie the food turned out, it was edible and good, just not the top of my game. We started off with soup, which was good, then moved on to salad and the main dish. That's when trouble struck. Apparently in one of my more brilliant moments I put one of those disposable casserole dishes in the oven on too high of a heat. Let me tell you, that stuff melt and gets all over everything! So my house is filling up with smoke, but no one is minding. Thank god they all know that I really can cook!
Next up is the dish that I keep forgeting to serve. I found this great recipe for carrot and snap pea bundles, where you thinly slice and julienne carrots and snap peas, saute them with a little oil and sugar, and then bundle them and tie them with partially steamed chives. The tricky part is getting the chives steamed just right. If you over steam them, they break, if you under steam them they won't bend and they snap. They look great, took way too long to make and I froze them, so I keep forgetting to serve them. Oh well, maybe this weekend I'll pull them out of the freezer and try again.
Like I said it wasn't too bad, everyone ate, enjoyed and laughed at all my crazyness. Like I said it was nice to have everyone over and spend the evening chatting about life, the world and stuff. Still can't figure out what the deal is with me, maybe too much is going through my head....I've been thinking too much lately......perhaps I should be thinking less and doing more?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Home Economics 101

I told you I have been in one of those weird homey moods, entertaining left and right, baking and cooking up a storm, and just getting things done around the house. Well today I took it to a whole new level. My kids needed new comforters, theirs were quilts and not suitable for the cold that we are expecting this winter, not to mention the new lower thermostat level. SO I went shopping and together with my mother-in-law and three kids, we picked up new comforters. I got them the most affordable, but machine washable, down comforter we could find. Then we went looking for duvet covers (comforter covers). Well, those turned out to be fourty to seventy dollars each. I just can't see paying so much for covers. That is just highway robbery, in my book. So instead I thanked G-d that my mom had taught me to sew and had bought me a sewing machine when I was little. You see I got my first machine when I was ten, and made myself my own outfits, and all kinds of stuff. Over the years, I have made everything from clothes to costumes to curtains to baby bedding (comforter/bumper/dust ruffle). Well, now I can add comforter covers. Yes for $15-20 you too can make your own covers. I bought two twin size flat sheets, 300 count cotton, and sewed them right sides together. Then I added a big stripe of velcro to one end, the one I left open so I could put the comforter in. My daughters cover is one side plum the otherside is pale pink; while my son got tan/burgandy. They turned out really nice and cost well under fourty dollars, took only an hour to make!
I think the next thing I'll tackle is thermal curtains, how bad could that be? I'll let you know.....MAYBE.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Of Igloos & Dog Sleds

With gas and pertrolium prices soaring my husband and I have been re-thinking the trips to the store for the lone gallon of milk, and adding a sweater or two in order to turn down the thermostat. Tight times call for tough measures, so I have been thinking about ways to cut costs. As I sit here typing this in my sweats with two layers underneath (it's really not that cold, I am just always cold in the winter) I have found the perfect solution. All we need to do is take a couple of lessons from our friends in Alaska, the Eskimos. You read it right, the Eskimos. They live in igloos and drive around in dog sleds.
Think of the savings now! Go down to the pound and pick up a dozen dogs, bring 'em home, then build yourself a sled (or buy one from Target for $9.99). The cost of dog food and vet bills would certainly pale in the face of petrolium. Besides, you will have performed the best humanitarian act this year by saving those dogs from the gas chamber. When you get home, you could go in the backyard, build yourself a nice igloo, and your heating bills would be quite low. Not to mention your spouse would be so happy you finally cut down that darn tree and all the overgrowth in the yard. You could even add on a room or two, at virtually no cost, except that of labor! You could finally own that seven bedroom mansion, with a small heating bill to match. Think of the resale value in that! While in the construction phase, remember to watch out for that yellow snow!
So as you prepare to batten down the hatches, cut back on outings and shopping trips. As you purchase twelve pairs of thermal underwear and sixteen pairs of sweat suits for each member of the family keep these suggestions in mind. It might save you a few bucks somewhere along the line.
Now that I have solved the problem of heating and transportation for the winter, what about the summer months you ask? Well, adobe is cool and cheap enough, as for gett'n around town, well roller skates are pretty cheap.....although my sister has a fondness for those little motorized scooters that you plug in to charge. Apparently they come with two speeds, Turtle or Rabbit. I kid you not. You can put the scooter into turtle and go slowly or you can crank it up and zip around town in style on a super charged scooter in Rabbit sped. Sure would beat the $2.69 per gallon for those trips to the store for milk.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Poop, It's Grand!

Well, we have finally got things under control in the pooping department. Peanut has been going with great regularity. Many times waking up at 5 am only to need to be bathed. I am not complaining, just a little tired, which I would take any day over the screaming bloody murder for one poop every sixth day. Horrible days I have to say I don't miss at all.
Been busy with the kids and got biten by the baking and entertaining bug, so I haven't had much time to blog with good regularity. I will be back hopefully this weekend, filling everone in on my escapades...until then poop, poop, cheerio (get it, that's what;'s been going on at my house alot, pooping, and easting cheerios, though not simultaniously!)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Uncle John Strikes Again

Proof positive that Uncle John has a very special place in my sons heart, in two acts.
Act One:
When James woke up Sunday morning he was excited. He came into our room, eyes shining bright, smile big as can be and announces, "Mine Birthday!" Brian and I say yes it is your birthday. The following is a dialog between Brian and James:
Brian: yes it is your birthday
James: Me birthday, James
Brian: Do you know what we are going to do today?
There is a pause as James thinks and then answers: Cut mines hairs
Brian: that's right, you're going to get you're hair cut today. Do you know who is going to cut it?
James pauses, tilts his head so that his hair is falling away from his face, thinks, and then answers: Unca John cuts mines hairs! (with the biggest grin of all on his face)
Brian looks at me and asks me if I had coached him to say that, of course I had NOT, James just was really excited that Unca John was coming to cut his hair.

Act Two:
We are at the Salon and James has just gotten up into the barber chair. He sits down and the stylist asks him about his funky hair do. You see we went from our house where the butchery had occurred (ie everyone taking peices of hair and loping them off with scissors and no particular style). The stylist, Nichole asks him who cut his hair. Instead of saying everyone, he looks at her and without a pause smiles and says : "Unca John cuts mines hairs!" What a cutie Pie kiddo...

I guess that the honor of the haircut and the first FIVE word sentence go to "Unca John"....If he should ever decide to switch careers he might try hair stylist, at least according to my three year old.

I wonder if I take James to Uncle John for his 6 week trim how much he'd charge me for it......hmmm?

101 Friends For 3

If you've ever seen 101 Dalmations there is a scene where Pongo (the dad) is attempting to count the puppies, but loses count and yet still ends up with 101 (even though by his count there are 156). Anyway, at my sons 3rd birthday party, the Big Haircut Ceremony party, there were approximately 101, maybe add 20 or 25, of our family and friends (kids included) in attendance. It was so nice to see everyone and spend the afternoon with them, enjoying our kids, catching up and relaxing.
The buffet included such items as Roasted Garlic and Potato Gallettes, Apple Cinnamon Muffins, A noodle dish called kugel, Oriental Spinach salad, Chocolate Trifle (which was really really yummy), assorted cookie trays, homemade dinner rolls, bagels, cream cheese, egg salad, and fruit salad. Of course there was the cake too. The cake I HAD to make, which not without a few close calls, turned out really good. I have to say I surprised even myself! People ate, and enjoyed (I think?!).
James was such a trooper, coming to get his hair cut whenever someone new arrived to the party. He was so good. He never shed a tear or cried, just smiled and asked for more Smarties. All in all a good time was had by all, and everyone is glad it is overwith. Especially mommy, since the night before was a restless night. I was a bit upset and anxious about cutting my baby boys hair. You see he had locks that resembeled Fabio's trade mark hair, long flowing blonde locks that catch your attention. Now those locks are gone. History. He now looks as cute as can be, my little baby boy replaced by this heartbreaking little man. Look out girls, James is on the prowel!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gallons of Ice Cream

I have a few minutes in between activities as I get ready for my sons big party. So I thought I'd share a peice of very important information with you. Baskin Robbins does sell gallons of ice cream, in a different sort of way. Instead of hand packing it like they do for a quart or a half gallon, they get creative. They take the great big container that they dip out of and CUT it into a smaller container. After all a gallon is just a weight, right?! Then they top it off with a cap, write the flavor on the top and hand it over....after you pay a small ransome for it.
So, you are asking yourself, why do I know this? I know this thanks to a very special man, my husband. He owed me ice cream because of a certain cartoon he posted (and from a ball game a few weeks ago). Monday afternoon, actually monday night as I didn;t get home until 5 pm, He surprises me with thegallon of Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yummy!
Not good for my diet, but great for stress relief! Anyway so now you know, and now you can rest a little easier tonight knowing that next time you want a gallon of Baskin-Robbins Ice cream, you CAN get just is a little interesting looking.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Big Number Three

When my son turns three it is time to celebrate. We will be celebrating the fac that he has grown and turned from a baby into a boy. That he has developed into this amazing little man who is curious and interesting in bugs and trains and cars and how things work. Who am I kidding! I am celebrating the fact the Mommy has survived the first three years with minial changes to her hair (ie not gray yet!). All the stress and the headaches all not for nothing. I have become a wise woman. I know that I need to celebrate in a big way!
We have invited 125 of our closest friends and family (mostly family) to join us for a party in honor of my sons third birthday. It will be at this party that we will cut his hair for the first time ever. Yes, in three years he has not even had a trim, well other then Peanut yanking out a handfull of hair last month. Everyone in attendance will be able to take a small snip, and then following the party we will go to the barber and get a nice cut and style. It is a family custom that has been done for generations...something new and different, hey any excuse to party!
So in preperation for the party I have been baking. I made black and white cookies, snickerdoodles, swedish nut balls, palmiers, apple muffins, dinner rolls, and am not done yet. Last count on the cookies was 18 dozen cookies and 4 dozen dinner rolls and 5 dozen muffins. Not quite enough food for that many people, and so the menu goes on to include potato galettes, spinach salad, fruit platters, egg and tuna salads, and a quiche or two. Not to mention the birthday cake. I decided I didn't want to spent $100 on a cake when I can make one for ten dollars or less. So I am going to try to make my own...I'll let you know how it looks. Truthfully even if it doesn't look all that good, at least I know it will taste good.
So for the next few days it is the kitchen for me..up to my elbows in a 25# bag of flour and sugar flying all over...don't worry I'll clean house before the guests arrive, I have about a week or less.....

Saturday, October 01, 2005

All Clear

On Friday we went to the hospital (see it seems I'm there to often) to test for Hirschsprungs. They did a barium enema. Poor child, Peanut screamed bloody murder the entire procedure; of course I don't blame her, it didn't look very pleasant. The good news is that it doesn't appear to be Hirschrpungs at all. Instead it is most likely a fluid issue, although we will be consulting with GI once more before the difinitive diagnosis. Whew! What a relief! I was so worried they'd come back with a surgical have no idea how glad I am that it wasn't necessary. Anyway, with that off my shoulders I can relax this week and just enjoy lifes little gifts. Like my son deciding to remove his diaper the minute he poops because he is uncomfortable, yet won't do his business in the potty. What exciting times it is in the life of a three year old.