Sunday, October 22, 2006

Still aROUND

It has been a while since I last posted. I have been so busy with school and chasing after the kids and trying to get myself situated for the impending arrival. As you can see (I took a picture of my big ol belly ) I am nice and round, with lots of elbow space....but getting cramped. Lately I have been having contractions up the wazzu, with increased activity levels. Could it possibly be that I am doing too much? Lets see I have class three nights a week, three kids, therapy out patient at a local facility three days a week, in home EI services five days a week, usually twice a day....not to mention the house with chores and erands (food has been scarce in my house lately, cuz I have no time or desire to go to the grocery), homework with my first grader, ot to mention my own homework....nah, I could squeeze in at least three more activities a week, don't you think. (If you cannot detect the sarcasm, you haven't read between the lines well enough). Truth be told I do this to myself, mostly because I know when Peanut turns three in April, she will lose all but three days of therapy, and I will have to find new ways to get her the services she needs. So I have pretty much been grinning and bearing it the last month...but really I am so tired of it...I was so glad that one of her therapists went on maternity leave, becuase it gives me one more hour a week to do whatever it is I do. The fact that I am totally pregnant and hormonal has nothing to do with's everyone else, right? I don't mean to whine, sorry, it's been one of those nights.
Anyhow....Miss Peanut has started pulling up to stand at every surface, discovering picture frames, statues and other fun decorative items that have until recently remaining out of sight out of mind. She is cruising at many surfaces now if we could just get her to stand on her own two feet (get it, ie without holding onto anything?)
We had gone to the Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute back in August for the first time and have been back and forth since...they have done amazing things for Peanut and her vision. Including getting the insurance to pay for her lenses. Too bad we are fighting with them to cover the lense fittings now (I am not kidding, they had been paying for everything but the lenses, now they are fighting us on this...CRAZY!) Since we got her new contact lenses, Peanut began to explore her environment more and began to transition more comfortably in and out of different positions. What a huge difference we have seen since. Every week, it seems she is doing something more, building on her skills. I am kicking myself for not going into Cleveland and learn, better late then never I suppose. We have also added outpatient services two days of PT and one day of speech...she seems to be responding to the PT, but the speech is slow..we'll see.
We found Signing times, and Peanut LOVES it! We just need to order it and stop playing the freebees on the website (Yes I am that lazy anymore). It took weeks for me to finally order my suit from's just so time consuming and such a headache.
My oldest, Miss Elle is having fun in first grade, and loving homework...where does she come from....James is a terror at home and the perfect angel at school. He attempted to self medicate the other day. He had a boo-boo on his foot that at night his daddy puts cream on it with a bandaid. Well, James decided he couldn't wait. While a therapist was here, and I was otherwiase occupied he took the desk chair, added two stools and climbed up into my medicine cabinet to get his cream. Luckily I realized how quiet it had become and went to check on him....We have since removed all medications from the cabinet.
I have my interview for the Physician Assistant program coming up in a few weeks. I had to order a maternity business skirt suit for it....a small fortune for something I will wear once being that I will be 9 months pregnant when I do wear it. I told Brian I would wear it every day until I deliver so we can maybe get our moneys worth out of it. (Everyday for two to three weeks, so that's about $ 25.00 a day). It's actually really nice, and I ma thinking about taking in afterward to wear it as non maternity (it's as classic, plain black button down as you can get, wiothout looking like you're wearing a tent, as many of the suits and look when you are pregnant)
Brian has had his own run ins with the medical profession this last month and is making me crazy! When I start my infectious disease class I better hide my books or he might think he has some weird disease......he's been under a lot of stress what with number fours impending arrival, the three kids home with him three nights a week and his wife having to deal with ignorant people....He has been stressed, and I guess his out let is medicine I hope I havent worn off too much, there's only room for one Medical professional in this house, ME! (selfish, I know but, hey we all have our own things we like to be good at on our own, Right?
So that's what's been cooking here, busy busy busy.....I'll try to post again soon, but can't promise when, as I have a C in chemistry and need to spend more time studying.....ttyl.