Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend 2005

Busy weekend this weekend, we started with dinner on thanksgiving at my in laws. It was nice, to be with all the family like that. WE saw my sister in law and her husband and heard all about her grand daughter and their new daughter in law. Mom made a great turkey and a duck to boot, in case you were still hungry.
Then we went for the weekend to babysit my brother in laws mom, who is undergoing chemo. She doesn't like to be left alone and since my brother in law and his family went away, we offered to keep her company. So we did just that, we kept her company and made sure she took her meds on time. My kids love going to her house, and spending time with her as she really pays attention to them. It was a nice weekend, although we froze at my brother in laws house. They keep the house so cold, it was 57 degrees in there, I kid you not. So we bundled up and didn't sleep too well that night, as we were freezeing our noses off.
Today we laid low and hung out around the house while doing laundry. Very exciting, I just hav no desire to go with all the other sheep into the pasture to graze on the goods. THe malls will be packed betweeen now and Christmas, sales galore, so why go this weekend, when I can go one next next week in the middle of the day when it is quiet. I hope everyone has had a great weekend with family and friends,

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Signs, Signs and More Signs

We went to have Peanuts speech evaluated the other day, just to see where she is on the continuim in an objective way. We have speech coming into the house one day a week, and I think she is doing a great job, but just the same, I wanted a new perspective. Well, I got just what I asked for. The testing that they did placed her at 7 months for expressive and 10 months for receptive. She is chronologically 19 months old, so it is quite a big delay. However, I need to vent becuase the test is not fair. It does not include my childs ability to sign. Peanut signs with much accuracy, 8 words - Hi, Bye, Night night, more, all done, bathe, play, and no. Unfortunately since they are not verbal utterances, they don't count. Not only that, but she was penalized for not going in the other room to get her shoes. Well, while she is butt scooting, she is not very mobile. She doesn't walk except if she is holding your hand, she will cruise at a surface if you are there to guide her a little, basically, she is delayed in her gross motor, so she will be behind in her speech, but give me a break! I really don't like these tests, as they are all or nothing deals. There is no grey, only black and white. Very frustrating. I know Peanut is going to be delayed, and yet she is doing fabulously well for herself. I really can't complain, but I guess a part of me still hopes that she'll just suddenly up and walk on her own, or start talking up a storm.
Adding salt to the wound is a comment that I keep hearing from others about Peanut. Everyone keeps calling her "the Baby". When we see people with real babies, children much younger then Peanut, the parents tell their kids, look at the baby refering to Peanut. A family member did that the other day, I was really irritated. Their child is 11 months old, sure my daughter is 19 months, and acted like a 12-14 months old, but she is still the older child. Perhaps I would have liked it better if they would have said, say hi to your cousin. No need to add the baby or other comments.
Sorry for the ranting, I'm just in one of those moods today, perhaps spending to much time with the family is not good for me this year....

Suzy Snowflake Returns

I love the winter. Ok, I love the snow when it isn't too cold out, and when I don't have to drive anywhere or shovel. Basically I like it when I can stay in. Our weather is finally changing, we are getting our first snowflakes that have begun to accumulate, we have about 2-3 inches right now and are expecting more by tomorrow. It looks more like Chritsmas then Thanksgiving this least we know the holidays are just around the corner. Perhaps the retailers will cash in on the change of weather and come up with new sales and specials. It's a good day to stay in with a hot cup of cocoa...too bad we have to go out to dinner...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and everyone around us is so busy getting ready for the holiday. Sometimes I wonder if people remember what the holiday is really about. Or if people take the time to think about what they are thankful for. Apparently there are a few people in the world who do, as I was in the supermarket today and observed an amazing interaction. There is a girl with DS who works as a bagger, and another young man who appears to have a disability, but I am unsure what, who works bringing the shopping carts in and bagging too. Both are very sweet individuals, whom I am always glad to say hi too and interact with. Anyway, as I stood in line, the two of them were discussing Thanksgiving and what they were going to be doing. The girl, Harmony, was saying how excited she was that she was going to cook the turkey with her mom, but that she was in charge of the stuffing (she had such a grin on her face, you could tell she was proud to be given this job). The young man, Chuck, said he was going to go off his diet for a day and eat as much as he can, because the food is always so yummy. Then he asked Harmony what she was thankful for. She thought for a second, then looked at him and said her mom. She went on to explain that her mom really does alot for her and she loves her so much. He shrugged and said he was thankful he could go off his diet, then laughed and said no really he was thankful for his brothers and his dad, because they told him he could do anything. Now, is that not the most heartwarming conversation ever? For all that we do for our special kids, they DO notice and really are grateful and thankful. I really felt so proud for their families that they raised such great kids. I just wish I could tell them the conversation I had heard.
So while you are preparing your holiday meals, take a moment and think about a wonderful moment in your life, and be thankful. Stay safe, and enjoy...Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Weee're Baaaack

We are back from our fun filled, crazy busy weekend. Despite being extremely tired, in the end I think it is safe to say that a pretty good time was had by all, and the trip was relatively uneventful. On the way there, my son James, screamed for 20 miles because he ate too much. That was fun, especially since my mother in law was in the car with us. Once he fell asleep, he was fine the rest of the way.
The wedding was nice, small, mostly family and a few friends, but very elegant. The kids had such a great time staying up past their bed time and playing with cousins.
The highlight for me was Saterday afternoon a bunch of the cousins came to play with the kids. The kids and cousins were all between the ages of 6 and 16. Peanut was sitting on the floor, and she was being included in a board game. She kept edging closer to the kids and babbling, so the kids would turn around and talk to her and have her help march the pieces around the board. It was so nice to see Peanut being so social, but also being accepted by the kids. They all thought it was so cool that she wears contacts, so much so that one of the kids kept bugging their mom to let them get lenses, because if Peanut has them so can I. It was really sweet.
Now, it is time to rest up for a few days to get ready for thanksgiving and more family togetherness....I think there should be a limit to how much time you are allowed to spend with your family, that way no one winds up irritated.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

On the Road Again.....

We are off on yet another road trip, with my mother in law in tow. My nephew is getting married tomorrow night and we are driving out for the wedding. It should prove to be interesting, at least I am really hoping it is boring. I must say the only thing that I am really looking forward to is getting all dressed up. I haven't had the opportunity since two years ago, when my neice got married. It should be a lot of fun. Well, off to bed, as we have an early start in the morning, Peanut has PT first thing, then it is on the road again....
THis time we bought new movies for the trip, that way the kids can't, or I should say hopefully, won't fight over the movie selection. PLus we are only bringin the new movies, three in total.
I'll let you know how things turn out, Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mid Life Crisis in your 20's?

Is it possible to have a mid life crisis in your 20's? I think so. I am the mother of three beautiful kids, have an ok husband (just kidding honey, you're great too), and a job that I feel passionate about. So why do I feel like something is missing. As if I should be doing something more? Well, I have decided to answer my own question, because I need to follow through with something that I have been dreaming about doing for the longest time, ok the last three years. With each passing year the drive, the desire to go out and just do it, gets more and more intense. I think about it everyday. So what has me going nuts...I want to go back to school and get my degree to be a Physicians Assistant. Basically be a doctor without the MD and without the long schooling, but working under a Physician and their guidance and knowledge. I have been wanting to do this for so long. It would fit in so nicely with all I have learned from my Peanut, and my other two kids, as well as my current occuapation, that of lactation counsultant.
So after driving my family and friends crazy by always saying I was going to go back to school but then never doing it, I am finally doing it. I took the plunge last week and enrolled in a college to start taking my prerequisites for the graduate program that I want to enroll in. I am so excited, yet the trepidation is still present. I am leaving my three kids to go back to school full time for two years and part time for 18 months. I feel like I am abandoning them, yet I know I am not. In fact I probably am setting a good example of following through with what you dream or feel passionate about. However, I still feel a little guilty. Despite the fact that by the time I go full time Peanut is going to be in school for most of the day, I'm kinda leaving her behind. I know she will always be there, unlike my other kids who will go off and leave the nest eventually. Peanut will probably be with us or at least near us forever, which I actually am finding comfort in. So while I do feel a little guilty, I know I will only be missing out a small part to be able to give her all the things she needs or wants. Not to mention giving her a mommy who is happy and feels fulfilled.
Nevertheless, I have taken the plunge and registered for classes and am starting the ball rolling, because you have to start somewhere, right? Besides, I think when you feel as passionate about something like I do, you should seek to acheive and excel at it. I just feel like I have gone thru so much that I can give a diverse perpective to medicine. Our kids, those with special needs, are all to often seen as kids with Downs who are sick, not a child who is sick who happens to have downs. The way the medical world perceives our kids will determine what kind of medical care they will receive. Which I do not agree with and hence one reason I feel so strongly about the medical field. Then you add in the Lactation issues, and man you have gotten me started on something I can't stop. I will be brief - far too many people won't even TRY to breastfeed their infants. All I ask is just try it once, if you hate it then fine, stop. But you can't say you don't like blue food when you've never even tried it. Plus, once more, the medical field is far too outdated and misinformed about breastfeeding and so many mothers just give up. Just like mothers of kids with special needs may give into the pressures form the medical staff - they are intimidated. Intitials don't give an individual infinite wisdom, they just add a little more weight, but mom will know, 9 times out of 10, what is best for her child. If I can try and help parents and women be heard by the medical profession, then I have done my job. Besides, I think the whole medicine thing is cool, and really neat, you should see the things they can do nowadays. Absolutley amazing.
I am actually counting the months down until I can actually apply for the graduate program, I am more nervous about applying then actually going. I am older then the average student, and have been out of school for 6 years, I hope I can get in...I'll keep you posted.

Life's Little Moments

Tonight was a big football game. I was very nice, and after my husband was offered tickets from a friend, to let him go. I took some time out this afternoon to get some errands done. It was only fair, besides my husband rarely goes out to sporting events anymore. It was a nice treat for him.
Anyway, after he left I was putting the kids to bed and my Ellie says to me, "mommy, I remember when I was four, I loved James' eyes when he was a baby, they were too cute and so fat!" I must say james was a fat baby, at seven months he weighed 23 pounds. You would never know it now, he is a slim trim 3 year old. It was all breastmilk fat, that melts away the minute the kids start to move. It was just funny the way she said it and out of the blue. WHy is it that kids tend to put an age to when they remember things, and yet it is always the last year. If they are 5 it was when they were 4 if they are 4 it was when they were 3.
Then, when they finally fell asleep, which was in ten minutes, the fastest I've ever seen them go, it was a perfect picture moment. Both kids were in our bed, Ellie curled up next to James and James laying semi-upright with his arms up, hands behind his head, proping his head up like he was watching tv. Both sound asleep. So cute and magical. Very cute moments that one can enjoy and smile.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Easy Elegance

I have gotten a few private messages from some of you asking about those soup recipes that I have been making for Peanut. So in an effort to accomodate those who want them from those who don't I started another blog. It is called Easy Elegance. There is a link to it from my links section on the side bar. In it you will find a couple recipes and I will add as I have the time. Let me know what you think....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Words To Live By...

Everyone has a saying or motto by which they live. Some mottos are more philosophical then others. Whatever the motto or words may be, they define us and let people know a little more about who we are. Having said that, my mottos are the perfect example of who I am and what I believe in. I have two that I am constantly saying:

Don't judge a book by its cover and You never know aka benefit of the doubt

The don't judge a book by its cover is the newest motto for me. After we had Peanut I came to strongly believe that people are too busy judging based on what they see. They don't seem to try to see what lies beneath the surface. It bothers me and so I try very hard to look beyond what I see. You'd be very surprised what you'll see if you can get past the apperance and see someone for who they really are.

The benefit of the doubt is my all time favorite sayings. It kinda runs along the lines of you never know until you've lived a day in anothers shoes. You just don't know why people do things, or say things. Perhaps they had a bad day or misunderstood you or they just are being misunderstood. All too often peoples words or actions are taken out of context and read into in a way that can ruin friendships, and change relationships. If you start to get insulted or mad, just give the person the benefit of the doubt, you'll be amazed.

So what words or mottos do you live by? Words that make a differance in your life daily, weekly? Why are they so important to you?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mind Over Matter

This last week has been a whirlwind of activity. We have been so busy with the kids, doctors appointments, life, you know how it is. This week was extra fun due to the time change. My friends all know that they can call me as early as 6 am, as my kids tend to think that around 5:30/6:00 the world wakes up and they might miss something. Actually Peanut has gotten into the habit of pooping out of her diaper at 5:30 am every morning. A problem I am much happier having, although if it was 6:30 instead of 5 it might be a little better. Although truthfully then I'd probably be really late all day. With the time change my kids got up at 4:30 two days in a row, that's AM people, not PM. As in like no one is up, the moon is still just don't get it!
I know I'm not the only one in the same position, but it sure seems like I am a zombie all week.
Peanut went for a full polysomnogram (sleep study) on tuesday and boy did I learn a few things. Like they only record the sleep activities from 10 pm until 4:30 am, then they wake you up, take all the wires off and send you home at 5 am. What the heck people?! It's a sleep study, can you let me get some sleep? Ok, it was PEanuts study, but it was my chance to least that's what I thought, boy was I wrong. We'll get the results back in a couple of weeks, here's hoping it was a big waste of time. I like those kind of tests, the ones that turn out to be a waste of your time.
PEanut had her 18 month checkup. I can't believe she's 1 and a half already. She looks great, grew almost two inches, gained a pound and is still small in the cranium department, but growing slightly.
Yesterday was crazy because I was so tired from the sleep study, then to add insult to injury my insurance company, who had told me my lenses were covered 100%, is now telling me they are not covered. Don't worry I'll show them who's boss......
Today was even more crazy, it went as follows:
5:30 am- poop out from Peanut, clean up ,bathe and get dressed.
6 am James gets up with 103 degree temp, and miserable, administer Tylenol and cool clothe
8:00 PT shows up to work with Peanut.
8:15 leave to take Ellie to school
8:30 get thru to MD, appointment is in thirty minutes ( its a 20 min drive) get home, get James shoes on, change diaper, find coat put it on leave
8:45 get in the car and realize need gasoline, so stop for filling up
9:05 get to MD, MD not there yet, start by telling the nurses what tests I want to have run ( urine test for UTI, Strep test)
9:15 get call from school Ellies ear hurts, so I call my mom to pick her up, good timing!
9:30 MD shows up a little late
10:00 leave MD office, throat lokks like strep, but test was negative. Got medicine just in case
10:15 drop James off at home with nanny, nurse PEanut and leave to library at Hospital to pick up some books
10:45 get to hospital, and drive around looking for parking
11:45 leave for home/Shopping for food/pick up medicine and cancel appointment for patient as I will never make it in time, and won't have child care.
The day continues with therapy and sick kids crying, soup making and eventually bed time. Never a dull moment in my life or anyone elses, especially those who have kids. PErhaps if I think about it hard enough then tomorrow will be better?