Thursday, March 09, 2006


Seriously! It has been way too long since the last time I blogged. I have been so busy studying (which I should be doing right now) and trying to keep on top of the game, that blogging has fallen by the way side.
I have been in class for ten weeks now, and I am proud to brag that I have A's in both my clases! Seriously! I can't believe I have A's, with three kids, work and a crazy schedule of therapies etc. It's nice to know I am able to follow through with my I just have to keep it up.
I have been Ms. Gimp for 5 weeks now, and I have to wait five more before I can have surgery to repair my split Vastus lateralis (a muscle in my thigh). I was on crutches then finally convinced my surgeon to give me a brace, which helps, but I'm still in pain. I am not used to being so stationary that I am having trouble sleeping at night. So it will be more pain for a while now. After surgery I have to be on cturches for six weeks, no driving for a month and rehab three times a week for a while...I guess I have some scheduling conflicts I need to work out. Sounds like fun?! I am worried beyond belief, as Amanda still doesn't wlk on her own, and relys on me carrying her around.
My saving grace is my mom, who lives near by and will be helping us out...she doesn;t really realize how insane my life is, but after a week on my schedule, I think she'll understand.
Peanut is signing up a storm 12 words almost 15. She butt scoots really fast and gets into everything!
James is doing much better in the speech dept, still behind, but making great progress.
MIss Elle is reading! She is figuring out how cool it is to read books and soon I'll have her reading my books and doing my homework! Just kidding!
I have gotten swamped with patients in the last month, having to go into the office ans spending time on the phone. It's nice to make money, only wish sometimes I didn't have to work so hard...don't we all feel like that sometimes?
So that's the news from this end of the planet, busy with life...trying to stay above water. Seriously, life is crazy busy, with mostly good things.