Monday, December 22, 2008

'Tis the Season

With cold weather nipping at our heels, snow, ice and frigid temperatures are all one needs to be reminded that the holiday season is upon us. It is also a reminder that flu, bronchitis and sickness season is here. Just one look at my schedule at the office will confirm this...
8 am sore throat
815 cough
830fever, chills
845 possible flu?
9 am pneumonia...does this not sound like fun being with all the sick people all day?! Dont get me wrong I love being a PA and doing what I do, but much prefer OB/GYN where the likihood of contracting the flu or pneumonia is significantly decreased.
We are keeping it low key this year for the holidays that is, with the impending event we are trying to stay close to home. I am just trying to get a little rest between busy days working and home with all the activities.
Of course my idea of rest is very different from I demonstrated this morning when the contractor arrived at 730 am, I was in the kitchen standing over my deep fryer making homemade doughnuts. Yes, I am that crazy-pregnant-ready-to-be-done-get-the-insane-idea-into-my-head-just-do-it-because-I-can pregnant lady who is tired, but can't sit down becuase I don't know how to slow down. This is me on slow. Hey it could be worse...I could be scrubbing my house from top to bottom, re-arranging furniture and cooking up a storm.
Perhaps I will do that tomorrow? Hmmmm....
Happy Holidays everyone!