Sunday, April 16, 2006

Close Call

So I was scheduled to go under the knife tomorrow, but I got out of it. About a week ago, my knee, which up until that point had been absolutely KILLING me, stopped. You heard me it stopped hurting. Crazy, right? to go from barely able to walk to walking just fine. God works in weird ways. I still have a split vastus lateralis, which may need to be repaired at any moment, but for now I am out of the woods.
Elle is turing six, and once again, I am behind on the whole party scene. I always think I have more time then I really do. Surprised? As I seem to be so organized in all the rest of my life...well in this one aspect I am not.
Peanut is turning two and boy has she grown up and looks more and more like a big gril. She is really changing, daily. She plays games, and is so the terrible twos, having fits when she doesnt want to do something.
James is ever the boy, getting into mischeif faster then you can say no. He is denise the menace reincarnate. Scary!
I have been busy shadowing physicians and physician assistants trying to learn as much a I can prior to my program. I am so excited, but really nervous about being accepted. Never in my life have I been so anxiety ridden over being accepted into a program. I have always had the eh, if I don;t I don't attitude. Now, being that I have no other choices for locations of programs, I need to be accepted.
Here's to keeping my fingers crossed (perhaps I should practice crossing my toes too).
I am almost done with my first term of pre requisites, and have signed up for more classes over the summer. I will be pretty busy, but I should manage.
Hope everyone has had a good holiday...ta!