Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lifes Little Guilty Pleasures

THere are a few things in life that are hard to admit to enjoying. Like some of the new night- soaps that are on the tube nowadays. Yes, I admit it, I love to watch Grey's Anatomy, with Patrick Dempsey and crew. I guess I enjoy watching Hollywoods take on the hospital scene (or maybe I just like watching Patrick Dempsey? I'll never tell). After all it seems as if I am in that kind of setting (the hospital) to often. The escapism of imagining what the heck is going on behind the scenes is a coping mechanism for whatever I'm there for. Like with Peanuts upcoming barium enema. When the physicians are walking down the hall, you wonder what their story is. What is their life like? Do they have a family? A wife? Kids of their own? Are they partaking in hospital gossip, enjoying hearing what is going on all around them, perhaps about themselves? Whatever made them decide to become a doctor in the first place? Why pick that particular field of medicine?
My mom is a nurse, although no longer practicing she keeps her licensure updated, just in case. Anyway, she used to tell me stories from the hospital where she worked and even from nursing school. This one was sleeping with that one and cheating on the next. Doctors were in bed with doctors and nurses alike. This one changing her life to be better while that one only bacame a nurse to marry a doctor. Crazy! It is one big happy family in these facilities...with all kinds of secrets in the halls.
Perhaps on the days that I feel my life is a little monotonous I should go down to the local hospital and hang out at the nurses station and see what is going on (truthfully, I could just ask Uncle John). Could be better then t.v., however somehow I don't think all the doc's out there are as dreamy as Patrick Dempsey (hey, don't laugh, my daughters OT thinks he's hotter then hot too! It's a girl thing).
Maybe I should reconsider the whole med school thing? I'm not THAT old, yet. Might be fun.....Sorry honey, but I think that medicine is calling me......Funny thing is I can't get away from it, it just keeps coming at me.....

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How to get your parents to spend $1500

How do you get your parents to spend $1500? You go to Israel and break your foot. My lil sister fell when she got to her school in Israel. She was treated at the ER and sent back to school. Fast forward two painful weeks of phone calls and misery and you will find my sister at home with a Hot Pink cast on her left leg. SHe has a hair line fracture in her foot that was missed because the ER had not taken a comparative xray of her uninjured foot. BUt I digress. The reason she cost my parents so much was to fly last minute across the ocean was $1500 or thereabouts. WHile I don't recond this course of action, I personally feel it was money well spent as she is much happier and back to her old self. Mom, Dad if you are reading this, you can come to eat pasta with us any night of the week (well, except tonight, and maybe not sunday......or better call first). LOL just joking, you're invited anytime. Luv Ya! Welcome home Lil sis, we're glad you're back even though you cost an arm and a pun intended!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Thumbs Up!

Due to Peanuts vision issues, every six months we take her to the School For Blind Children to have a Functional Vision Comprehensive Evaluation done. They look at all areas of developement with vision as the main factor to see how she is doing. We saw them last in April right before she underwent surgery for her strabismus and nystagmus ( wandering and shaking). At that time Amanda was doing really well, but had apparently developed amblyopia (turning off one eye and only using the other). We had a lot of concerns regarding schooling and teaching her to move in her environment because of the low vision. Since then she has made great strides.
In June we had the surgery and we went last week for her evaluation and they could hardly beleive it was the same little girl! She was so quick to find the lights and turn towards them equally on both sides! She was exploring her environment and playing around. She was finding objects that were the same color on color with ease. ALl things she had had difficulty with before. They were so pleased in fact that when the subject of schooling had come up, we were told not to worry about putting her on the waiting list for the School for Blind Children, that she'd presumably do very well in a typical setting (ie not specifically geared for kids with vision impairments, that the concern should be the DS not the vision). What an awesome feeling!
I know we have a great team who work very hard with her and I am so pleased at all the progress PEanut has made, on her own and with the amazing help of the therapists! I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us...the unending surprises of accomplishements and goals met...I just wish she'd start pooping!

Baffeling Case

We are stumped! No one really knows why Peanut is so constipated. We went to see the Gastroenterologist two weeks ago and they initially suspected Celiacs. We did some blood work and it came back negative. Which is great news. I can't imagine being allergic to wheat, spelt, rye, barley and oats. As it is I am allergic to eggs, and that's tough! But I digress. The Mds gave us some lovely smelling laxatives for Peanut and we have had her on them, but they have not made any differance to date. We have increased her fluids a little. She eats watermelon up the wazoo, and she started eating Cheerios with milk. So I give her a big spoonful of milk, with one Cheerio. She hasn't cuaght onto me yet, and eats beautifully, finishing a quarter cup of milk easliy. I know it is not alot, but it is a great improvement from before. Anyway, so now I have pushed the docs alittle to get them to check her for Hirschsrpungs, by doing a barium enema. I wanted the biopsy because From what I have read it is a more definitive diagnosis, but the mds will only do the enema first. Fine, at least we'll get the ball moving. Now I need to get my daughter an appointment. That's the hardest part. I just feel so bad for her sometimes, how she has to work so hard. But lately she has been awake at night, alot. I think her tummy is bothering her, but she is having trouble going. Tonight is suppository night if she can't get things going on her fun fun (NOT!).
She has increased her food repetior! She eats lettuce with sweet and sour dressing on it, she will eat steamed and or sauted zucchini, she loves it! Hopefully things will get moving. I am just at my wits end with worry and dismay!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

To Grandmothers house we go....

We went to Upstate New York near SUNY the begining of this week to visit family. It was fun. The kids watched movies on the way there making it much easier for mommy to stomach the eight hour trip. The only one who was unhappy was Peanut, and boy did she let us know. It is hard because now that she has figured out how to move she wants to move and not be stuck in one spot (I don't blame her).
While we were in the fashion plate of the north, I did take my chance and do a little shopping. We went into this humongous mall that was five levels of shops, there is no way you can see it all in one visit. Trust me we saw a quarter of two floors and that took a few hours. There was also an indoor carosel, that was full size with all the horses going up and down. The kids enjoyed going on it and seeing the Legos in the Legoland store. I hit the biggest H & M I have ever clothes, awesome prices! We wardrobed the family for a small kings ransome. Oh, well!
I found a dress for my nephews wedding at a bargin price, and can't wait to wear it ( princess feeling, ladies!)
The highlight of the trip for me, aside from all the shopping was going to where my mom had grown up and showing my kids around town. It was fun because I spent so much time there as a kid and I have found myself wishing I could take my kids to see the fun things. There was an old dairy farm, called Dunmires, where I used to go and get fresh milk, in the glass jars. I would get fresh churned sweet butter and the most delisiouc ice cream you have ever tasted! They were closed, as they had shut down operations a few years ago, but the property was still there. Then there was the old elementary school building, which is now the borough building and library. The old high school had been torn down about seven years ago, which was the last time I had been through. Now there was a new public housing complex. But, my grandmothers (my moms) old house was still there, although the new owners decided to paint the pale blue shutters a very ugly shade of burgandy/puke brown.
The house that my great grandmother had grown up in was also still standing and in great shape. The old post office building made of feild stone that used to be my great grandfathers general store was also still standing and in mint condition. The bank had ahd a makeover, but it was still the only bank in town. However the market (Klein's) a small grocery store, had been renovated and had fresh new beige siding put up over the old brick. It was a shame they covered it because it was a historical building. I remember waiting until I was old enough to run to the store myself. I would run out the back of my grandmothers house, down the path in her graden to the alley, and run next to train tracks to the store thirty feet away. I'd go in and pick either an ice cream or a candy bar and a cold coke, pay and run back to sit in the yard on a swing to drink my coke and eat my treat. When my cousins came to town too, we'd race down the front way over the old brick sidewalks, runnning to beat them to the store, many a times falling and shredding my knees on the bricks. Memories, sweet memories.
My kids didn't get the chance to make any purchases at Klein's market, but they did play in the play ground and saw the old cemetary that dates back to the civil war.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Misadvantures of My Lil' Sis'

My kid sister decided to go learn abroad for a year after having graduated from high school last spring. So off she went to Israel for her first year of school. My parents accompanied her to the school and helped to get her settled. Everything was going great. My parents got her settled and went about their business, touring the state of Israel. The day they were leaving to return home trouble struck. My sister was going into the lunchroom to eat dinner when she took a spill down the steps. She ended up in the emergency room, with crutches, and a badly injured ankle. SO here she is away from home for the first time, in a new country, with a different language and alone. Poor kid! Not only is she a little home sick, but now she is injured too. I can only imagine how she must feel. Then to add salt to the wound, the school where she is attending is not being very accomodating at all. In fact they made an appointment behaind her back for her to go see and orthopeadic surgeon. Nice right! Well, the reason they did that was because they didn't want her oin crutches anymore. So she calls home at 1 am to wake my parents up to see what to do. My parents use their connections (I'm still trying to figure out who they know...) to get her an appointment with the ortho who works on the Israeli national basketball team (the team that goes to the olympics). He looks at her foot and tells her she has two small bones out of place that need to be given 8 weeks to rest, and hopfully they will return to their proper position. If not then she will need to have surgery.
Like I said, she is 6,000 miles from home in a new country with a new language to poor lil sis! Needless to say after a week of dealing with the school the doctors and her parents, my sister has decided to come back home until her foot heals. At that time she will decide what to do next. So we will be welcoming her back home after being gone for 5 with new accutriments (crutches). Maybe I should take her shopping, although I don't think she'd fit into my double stroller, I think it has a weight limit of like 50 lbs....Oh well, the misadventures of my little sister keep me preoccupied from my own families issues...up side to everything is the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Ok, so I know my latin as well as the next person, but I never thought I would have any need to visit a gastroenterologist, let alone have to take one of my kids. Gastroenterologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system, such as hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and colon or rectal cancer. They also deal with diagnosing intestinal issues such as Hirschsprungs and Celiac Diseases. Tomorrow we will be having our first, and hopefully last, visit with the friendly gastroenterologist for Peanut. Since she began eating solids she has had constipation and related issues on again off again. This past weekend it reached a whole new level, resulting now with our pending visit. I am hoping that I am right in my motherly instincts thinking that she is just not getting enough fluids. Since she is breastfed, she really has no desire to take liquids (even my pumped milk) from a bottle, sippy, straw, or nosy cup. We have tried everything from thinckened liquids to jello, nothing seems to piq her interest enough to want to drink it. Therefore, I beleive that she is not getting enough fluids, so while she is not dehydrated, she may not be fully hydrated. I am also praying that the doctors are incorrect in their feeling that she may have Hirschprungs Disease. It is a disorder in which the cells inside the lower intestine that help move food along are either dead or nonexistant. Apparently this is more common in kids with DS, and must be dealt with surgically from what I understand. Chalk another one up for Peanut and her Mommy. I am starting to wonder if I should go back to school...after all I am developing a wide repitiour of all the different specialties (hoping I won't be learning about any others!). The things we learn's hoping for the best.....and praying for a less stressful week next week, as I am having a hard time this week. The appointment is tomorrow afternoon...YIKES!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Number Four????

So we went out to dinner the other night. A cousin of mine had tied the knot and family members and friends had gotten together for a post marriage dinner party. So my husband and I went. We had a great time, it was nice to see people we haven't seen for a while. One of the people I saw there was a woman whose kids I used to babysit for, Sylvia. Sylvia has ten kids and the first six I would watch many times over the years. She recently had her tenth child, a cute as a button little boy. While at the dinner, we got to talking about life and how funny it is that we have kids the same age. Just then her little boy proceeded to spit up all over his mother and her beautiful, but dry clean only, suit. So I offered to hold him while she went to clean up a little in the ladies room. Holding him, I got to feeling like maybe I want another one of these kiddos. They are so little and yummy, but could I handle a fourth? Especially with Peanut and all her needs not to mention my middle one, James and his speech needs (which he will and is outgrowing).
But I think I may be getting to that point that maybe one more kiddo would make me feel like we are a completed family. After all my kids are roughly two years apart and that is great spacing, yet I am a little unsure. What if I can't handle four kids, and working, and house? So I put the thought to the back burner, then today, I was in the office seeing a patient and I got to thinking, I would like to have another one! But again I wonder about Peanut. Truth be told, when we were thinking about having our third, we also were a little unsure if we could handle it. It being so many, not knowing how much things would really change. But we also were a little uncertain, only to turn around and embrace and love Peanut. So I know we'll be ok, but I'm just a little nervous because Amanda is more high needs then typical kids. Needs that hopefully as the years unfold will spread out, and we'll learn to let go. I guess what I am trying to put into words is that I am afraid of pushing Peanut to the back burner by having another most kids are, but I don't want her to feel left out or set aside.
So I have a question for you...Have you thought about having more kids after having your special kiddo? If you have what kind of timing did you find was good? Does the hesitancy ever go away?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Whole New Respect For Uncle John

Let me formally introduce you to Uncle John. He is relatively new to our family, as we only recently adopted him. He came to our side of Pennsylvania to work as an obstetrician/gynecologist just over three years ago. Over the years he has spent a great deal of time with us and is now considered family. You have heard about him in my other blogs, just not by name. For example the friend who called from out of state when Peanut was born and came to my rescue in my postpartum adventures, well that was Uncle John (see Beloved Life - Peanuts Story). On many occassions, throughout the last few years, Uncle John has been there for us as a family from hospitalizations to first teeth. My kids love him, asking when he'll be over to dinner next. They fight over who will play what with Uncle John when he is coming for dinner. The last time he came to dinner the kids cornered him and he spent a good portion of time playing store and reading them stories. They loved it! Everytime James finds our copy of Mr Brown Can Moo, by Dr. Seuss, he says "Uncle John read me!". Elle keeps reminding me that it is her turn to watch a movie with him, I think she chose the new Lilo and Stitch movie. If we should be in the vicinity of his office, they'll ask if Uncle John is at work today and if they can say hi. A truely amazing person whom my husband and I are glad to call family.
I have never been able to understand how on earth he works the way he does. As an OB for a large area practice he takes call at least once a week, only to do surgery and see patients in the office as well. Occassionally he will cover for other practices in the area and take their call as well. What I never understood was how on earth after being on call and in surgery he could stay up, and stick to his schedule without falling on his face from fatigue. Last I checked, he doesn''t drink caffiene which makes it all the more perplexing. I guess over the years you get used to it, after all isn't that what a residency program is for? But still, I can't imagine doing it every week, sometimes twice a week. After I had Peanut and had no choice but to get up after being up a good part of the night to then chase my kids and go about our routine as usual, I thought I got it. But after last night, I don't think I got it until today.
Last night Peanut decided to play. Well, let me back up a bit. She has been constipated so mommy decided to feed her a bunch of watermelon, bad idea. It is a diuretic, and of course it hadn't occured to me until she'd had her sixth wet diaper for the day (usually only 4). When she got up for the third time at 11 pm, I got worried so I tried to give her a bottle of water. Funny thing, she hated it and woke right up. So I gave her something to eat and tried to get her to go back to sleep. Well, she finally did go back to sleep, at 5:15 am. So basically I had been up for approximately 21 hours ( it would have been 22, but I took a 1 hour nap yesterday afternoon). Wouldn't you know I had finally gotten to sleep when my kids wake up and so does the husband. They all get up and dressed, and decide to get coffee. Great idea, I need lots of caffiene today, but after only 2 hours of sleep, I cannot move much less drink a coffee. It took me a good hour to get my tired behind out of bed, I just had no energy to move, at all. As I lay in my bed, I can hear Peanut chatting in ther room. Usually I go right in to get her and put her glasses on so she can see. How horrible of a mommy was I this morning? I kept trying to move, but there was no way it was happening. I finally did make it in, and the little stinker looks up at me from her crib and gives me the biggest smile ever. She just grins from ear to ear, and says "Ba, ba", how do I compete with that? With that smile, I think I can forgive her for keeping me up, so long as she sleeps tonight. So this brings me to my point, I have a whole new respect for Uncle John and the work he does. There is now way I could work the hours he does....well maybe I could, I'll let you know how today goes. If I don't keel over from fatigue, maybe I should go to medical school...after all how different could it be from my day today......
You know what, I really couldn't do it. I think I'd better leave it up to the experianced professionals, like Uncle John. Besides, someone needs to take care of the homefront and feed the family so that they can continue to work crazy hours. I think I'll stick to my kitchen...anyone for some pancakes? If you are reading this Uncle John, you get an extra helping of dessert next time you're here for dinner, you deserve it!
Now, I think I need a nap......
Update: It is presently 4:15 pm, I have officially hit the proverbial wall. Caffeine buzz has worn now trying to not fall face first into keyboard. Brian has ordered dinner, gone to pick it up. I am bathing the kids, eating and falling into bed. Note to self: will never be able to do what Uncle John does without causing bodily harm to patients. Kudos to you, to bed with me!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Insanity Returns

Today was insane. This is life in my house within my world. I got up and got the kids dressed, fed, and properly cared for in the morning. I then had to take Elle to school, dropped her off, and stayed for an orientaiton for James, with James present. Not a good idea. He wanted to play while the orientation was meant for parents (they omitted that important peice of info). OK, so we make in through the program, but had to leave early as I had a patient to see with a travel time of 45 minutes. So I run home, drop James off to the Nanny, who is home with Peanut so she can stick to her schedule of therapy. I run to the patients home, see her, and run back home.After a quick stop to check in the homefront, Peanut was rolling her way around the livingroom for the OT, which by the way is a new feat (of course she does this for someone other then mommy). Then I run in the complete opposite direction, south earilier I was North, to drop off s package at one of my offices for yet another patient, I deciced I must take a moment to myself. So I make a detour to the grand opening of H & M. I can't miss this opportunity for a free t- shirt (just kidding, it was the lure of the 20% off coupon that got me in). Don't worry, it took me 30 minutes to get there, then there was no place to park (who the heck goes to a noon grand opening besides me?! Don't people have other things to do?) Finally I find a place to park, get out, find the store, and there are 300 people there! What the....ok so I don't get the t-shirt or the 20% off. But I did find a bunch of things for the kids, oh and of course for me too. I left with my wallet a lot lighter then I had intended, but I am going to return some stuff. I bought everthing I found for good reason. There was over an hours wait for the dressing rooms! Thats how busy this place was it was insane! It reminded me of the scenes you see Christmas Eve, with people clawing at items and cutting infront of people in lines....Crazy! So instead of standing in line for an hour I just bought everything and will return some later. (or not!?) Ok so I make it out of the stor ein one peice with minimal damage, stop at the office and go home. But only for a minute as I must go get Elle. When I get home I find I have an unexpected house guest. Apparently my NAnny invited a friend of hers who is also a Nanny over with her charges. I am not happy about this as I have become obsessively germ-o-phobic once my kids get back to school. Anyway, I don't say anything today, I'll say something tomorrow...when I can think how to approach this issue. I run to get Elle at school...she gets in the car with a smile so big, it's great! Finally I get home and Nanny leaves. I am nursing Peanut, when I relise I didn't make it to the grocery store. We all pile into the van and head to market...with three kids it is quite the exciting trip, for those observing. Actually the kids didn't whine, instead they regaled themselves to making Peanut laugh and shriek with delight as they ran her, yes RAN, through the store. Fun! We get home, and i make lasagna from scratch for dinner, and get started on my menu for Saterday lunch with my parents (See a welcome home luncheon). I made a roasted garlic and mashed potato gallete, Fandango salad, roasted garlic green beans with mango salad, apple strudel muffins, fresh bread, pesto pasta, breaded baked chicken, and for dessert chocolate and vanilla cakes. I had watermelon too, but I bought that. Takes too long to maake yourself. All the while the kids are tearing my house to peices, ok I exaggerated, just my living room. Brian gets home, bathes the kids and feeds them dinner as I am cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Finally my day ends as we put the kids to bed and I fall into mine. Tomorrow will be less busy, I hope!
I feel terrible that I missed three of four therapies today. I never, ok rarely miss time with the therapists. As I feel it is very important to keep on top of all that we are working on. What a crazy day. I am tired, so I'll be signing off now.....see ya!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Peanut is finally connecting her actions to our reactions. In other words she finally gets it. Yesterday we went to the md for a quick check, after the exam, I had some questions for the md. So while I dressed Peanut I was basically otherwise occupied. After a few minutes, ok i lie, after about fifteen minutes, Peanut has had enough. She becomes very cranky and is crying. So I look at her and say" If you wave Byebye we'll leave". She looks at me then at the md, then back at me and lays her head down. I resume my conversation with the md, and a few minutes later Peanut becomes cranky again, so I repeat my offer to her. This time she took me up on it. She looks at me, then at the md and wouldn't you know it she smiles and waves Byebye! So of course I excused myself from my converstion and left. Later in the day when the Vision therapist was leaving Peanut was again asked to say byebye, and she did! Verbal Cues only! Hooray! The connections are being made.......

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Embarassing Moments

Today is the first day of school for my oldest daughter Elle. At 5, she is entering kindergarten in a new school, with new faces and all the trimmings. So I wanted to take her to school...a special thing that us mommies need to do. Elle got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and was ready with out a single whimper or whine. She gets in the car, and singing along to Hilary Duff we make our way to school. She holds my hand as we enter the school, and go to her classroom, but then the strangest thing happened. She let go of my hand and says "Bye mommie". I wsa all prepared to spend a few minutes with her getting familiar with the room and the kids, but nope, I get the cold shoulder. So I tell her I need to drop some papers off in the office, and I will be back to check on her. She says ok. When I return a few minutes later, she has found the puzzles and is working nicely at the table. I go over to kiss her goodbye, she looks at me and says, " Mommy, you're embarassing me!" SO with that wonderful send off I leave my five year old to her own devices and left. It's so nice to feel wanted and missed. Oh well, I guess we'll se how her day really went when I pick her up later. Love...ain't it grand?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Family Secrets....Revealed

I may be overly sensitive, but here it is, what do you think? My nephew recently got engaged. The family is elated. The girl is pretty, nice, caring and overall a great girl. But my husband and I had not met her yet. My nephew and his fiance had come in for the weekend and finally we were able to touch base. They came by yesterday to say hi. She is a doll! They are so cute together and make a great match. But here is what I am unsure of. Apparently no one in the family told her about Peanut. It was very apparent when she came into my house, met my son James and was then introduced to Peanut. The expression on her face was sheer surprise. She make a quick escape out to the deck where her fiance and my husband were talking. When I came out she was trying not to look at Peanut, yet I could tell she wanted to "check her out". So I made sure to look the other way, after all I would probably have done the same thing if I was in her shoes. So my question is as follows: the family memebers involved have seemed to be not very comfortable with Peanut from the start. They spend no time around her and when they are around they are inattantive and talk to her like she is a tiny baby. She is not a tiny baby and she actually is only delayed by 3-4 months depending on what you are looking at. So I guess I am curious if I am being over sensitive knowing that this poor girl, who is new to the family was not told about Peanut. On the one hand it could be beacuse the DS is not important or it could be because they are uncomforatble about it themselves, so they just pretend it doesn't exist. When asked if they had told her, we were told no they had not. Was this because of shame or because of indifferance? Like I said I may just be overly sensitive, but what do you think? I normally don't care and prefer that people treat Peanut as she is, a little girl, not a DS first then girl second. But I just felt very akward this weekend, something I haven't felt in a quite a while......The wedding should be fun! I am already looking outfits for my kids and of course for myself.... we'll let you know what happens in November....

A Wardrobe for Peanut

My Little Peanut, is just as we call her, a peanut. She is very petite, ie short. So while her sister was born in April too, none of the hand me downs fit her. So I get to go shopping. I went with my daughter Elle, to pick out some things already. We have decided to match the two girls in a few might be fun! Elle was so thrilled, as it was her idea, and she helped pick out the clothes. She has some really good taste in clothes. I just can't beleive how small Peanut is turning out to be...she is still wearing size 12 months in clothes, when Elle had been into 2t by now. Oh well, like I said, time to go shopping! We did match the girls and they looked so cute coming home! H & M is opening near us for the first time ni our area...perhaps with all the sales I can get some great deals. See ya in the stores...

Friday, September 02, 2005

Brotherly Love

Last night when it was time to give the kids a bath, the cutest thing happened. I give Peanut a bath first, as she is the easiest and fastest. So I put her in the tub and am in the process of washin her up, when James comes in. He stands next to me and laughs, "hua hawa wash air!" In other words Peanut wash hair...He then leans into the tub, taking her washclothe and ever so gently starts to wash her hair. As the water starts to drip onto herface, he says, "arry, hua awua!" In other words, sorry Peanut. And wipes her eyes very gently, laughing and patting her on the head. It was so cute! He is so good with her, when he is not jumping on her or pushing her over. I am so glad they are close toegther (they are 19 mos apart). Ahhh, the joys of parenting!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Good Eats

What is it about food that makes people smile? Ever notice the way food opens peoples minds, hearts and souls? It makes them feel more relaxed and comfortable, kind of like that old pair old pair of sneakers. You know the ones I'm talking about, they sit under your bed and come out on days you just need to feel comfy. Those new model sneakers just don't fit the bill on those days. Well, my theory is that food is the same way. You make someone a homemade bowl of soup, and they slip right into their comfort zone...relaxing, stretching out, enjoying each spoonful of something from their childhood. A time when they too were carefree, with Mom just inside the door to hand you a yummy morsel. Nowadays we are all so busy we open a can, add some water and we have conveniance, but comfort fell to the side. I notice even in my house, on the days I have time to do things from scratch, the kids eat a little more, and stay at the table a little longer. Unfortunately, I don't always have that spare moment to do things right. But the appreciation, when you do, is so rewarding. It feels good to know that you helped make one person feel relaxed, stretched out, ready to curl up and just be comfortable, like those old pair of shoes.
Someone told me once that to get to mans heart first you must go through his stomach...I think it is true with anyone, not just men. People who have been fed good food, prepared with love and care, are more caring in return. They are more willing to open their hearts and minds and share about yes I think to feed the stomach is to feed the heart and soul.