Sunday, July 09, 2006


I have been so swamped these last few months. I am pregnant with our fourth...had a tough first few months what with morning sickness (should be called 24 hour sickness). School has been a bit more challenging since I am tired and or nauseated. But still going strong in the school department. I'm studing for a final tonight, but thought I post a quick update. Finally looking kinda pregnant, people have cut back on asking me if I've been eating too many donuts. Although I must forwarn you ladys...starbucks Caramel Frappachinos, even without the whipped cream, are VERY FATTENING. I could not keep anything down except the fraps, I gained 7 pounds last month!!!! I'm on a diet more frappachinos for this gal!
Peanut had her second set of tubes put in as she failed her yearly hearing screen. We will repeat the screen in a few weeks. In the meantime she has gotten an ear infection, which she hadn't had one in almost a year. We went for our speech eval, and they did count some of the signs, the ones that they got to see. At least it was better then before. Plus we got speech outpateint two times a week...along with PT two times a Peanut has got work to do!
Rest of the family is well, sick of mac and cheese and pizza, but otherwise in good health and good spirits. Here's to keeping ya'll posted,
TTYL, me