Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Results Are in.....

I did it! I passed my exam! I can't believe I did it...but I did! Not only did I pass (with 151 points), but I got above average in my class (141 points), as well as above the national average (140 points)!
WHEW! that's a relief!
Not to brag or anything, just didn't want to leave anyone wondering for the next year ;)
Ok, vacation time can officially begin!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PACKRAT - Another Name for Fun

So at the end of our first year of Physician Assistant School, they require us to take a national test (PACKRAT is what they call it) to determine our level of knowledge that we have acquired throughout the year. Today was the big day. After months of preparing, and hundreds of dollars later spent on study guides, I took my three hour long exam. We don't get the results back until later today, so i can't tell you how I did. But I can tell you that that was a pretty tough exam...I surprised myself with the things I knew and was surprised at the things I thought I knew but may not have.
It is an exciting day as it means the end of my first year of school. I start my clinical rotations in less then two weeks...seeing patients and learning more. I have great rotations set up, thanks to my fabulous clinical coordinators, and am sure I will have a fun time, albeit exhausting!
I think the family will be glad that today is overwith, as they haven;t seen too much of me lately owing to the incredible amount of studying that I have been doing lately.
Anyway, just thought I would update all of you, it's not that i don't think about blogging, its more that i haven't had the time.
I will keep you posted on my rotations and family life over the summer as much as i can, with all my non-existant spare time ;)
Tata for now!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update Spring 2008

So we have been so busy. Hubby is busy at work, and holding the forst down while i am in school and studying. He has become the homework doing, dishwashing, laundry doing, and dinner picker up delux KING!
I am winding down my first year in physician assistant school. I have my final exams next week and the week after. So I have been busy studying and need to be spending more time studying...can never study enough. So this iwll be short, sweet and to the point.

Kids are well...up to their old antics. Had to call poison control twice last week, as the baby decided to drink some contact lense solution and a few days later decided he'd try colgate toothpaste as a chaser. They must think I am the world's worst mom. Really, my kid is just very creative, climbing up in the bathroom on the toilet to climb into the sink and get into the medicine cabinet. Watch out world, first the bathroom sink, next stop Mt Everest!

Eli turned 8, Amanda is 4 now, had her biurthday ...can't beleive it's been 4 fabulous years! THe progress we have made has been amazing. She is such a peppy little, personality filled, loving little girl, who also happens to have a stubborn streak. What can I say...she knows what she wants and when she wants it!

The two little ones are like having twins..they do everything together! Getting into trouble, playing and just hanging around. I will try to post a more complete update after I finish my exams in a couple of weeks. I can share all my upcoming clinical rotations (doctors officed and hospitals that I will be spending the next year at practicing my skills I have learned all this year).

As little girl loves her food!
She gets down and dirty with it...even though she knows how to use utensils...who has time for that! It is much faster and way more fun to shovel it all in there!