Sunday, April 22, 2007

Farewell, dear friends

This week we say goodbye to our Early intervention therapists. Those that have been with us from the time Amanda was a few months old, through good times and bad. I knew that this day would be here sooner rather then later, but I was unaware of how truly sad I would be to see everyone go. They have been thru everything with me and my Peanut...her constipation, pnuemonia, vision issues, surgeries....add in all my neurotic worries about walking, talking, eating, you name it, I have vented/stressed to my therapists. They not only have given my daughter the best therapy sessions pushing her to her greastest potential, they have been my ear that I could bend. I can tell them my deepest worries without judgement on their part. They have seen it all. Willing and able to give advice or comiserate (spelling?). What next? How well will the next set of therapists stack up to such amazing providers of OT, PT, Speech, Developmental, vision and we have been so lucky to have had help us. Well, we will let you we start school on Monday next week...I'll fill you in.
On a final note, if my "TEAM" is reading this, you are all amazing people, god sent, truly gifted talented caregivers, and any child who has you as their provider is blessed.
Though words are not enough, to express out gratitude, THANK YOU!