Friday, January 20, 2006

Old Friends, New Faces

Well, this week went a bit more smoothly, then last week. It was back to same old for the most part. Peanut was still under the weather the begining of the week, but is feeling much better now. In fact she had a great week in therapy. She attempted to walk down the steps...don't worry, the therapist was holding her hands so she wouldn't fall. She was not scared, or worried at all, in fact Peanut wanted to walk down vs sit on her bum to go down. Now if only she'd do it on her due time! Peanut also has shown her understanding of up, down, on, off, under and in and out. We have been using Weebles, to have her hold them up (she says "BUP" Yay!) or put them down. She also puts them into contaioners and takes them out with verbal cuing only! Cool!
Today was Tube day for my Elle. we went into to have tubes put back into her ears, and she did great! What a trooper! She also was famous, because we ran into quite a few of Peanuts Hospital friends. The nurses and Np's and MD's who know us from her surgeries. It was nice for Elle to have that I made sure to tell everyone what a great big sissy she is and how she taught her a new game. Yes, Peanut has another new trick, she runs away in tag! YOu roll a ball or toy to her, she grabs it and turns, running ( ie butt scooting really fast) away from you. She stops and looks over her shoulder to make sure you are trying to catch her and then scoots off aagain! It is so cute! Elle was excited to tell all about this new trick. Elle was a little worried about the surgery, but we played Uno and chit chatted with the staff, and before you knew it the procedure was done. Elle asked when she was going to get her tubes in! She didn't realize they had done it already.
We had our favorite Anesthesiologist ( Dr GReenberg) He is so Awsome! Good guy, and great md. Glad it is over, as I did not sleep well last night. Even though I know the procedure is not a big deak, it is still my child going under anesthesia....
Here's hoping for a great weekend with my kiddos,

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