Monday, January 22, 2007

Tough Love

No injuries were acquired during this portrait session...As you can see Amanda loves her new baby brother. In fact she helps him out with his appearance by giving him facelifts, as she is demonstrating in the photo above. Really, I promise she was holding Alistair so nicely 30 seconds before!

Here's the Foursome all together, leave it to my older son to play around, ruining a perfectly nice picture!

Here's my Pudgy Wudgy Prince...We are working on our thrid chin, as you can clearly see.

Been busy, started back to school this past week, Tryingto find the time to study, which is very hard. Especially with my Hubby out of town the last couple of days. We managed, the four kids and I to behave ourselves, and not spend too much money. I took them to see the new Ben stiller movie, they enjoyed it tremendously.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful set of photos. Your littlest Prince is just adorable as ever.

Tara Marie said...

Beautiful family portraits....and Hey, can I get a face lift from Miss A!

We had a blast at 'The Night in the Museum' and Emma Sage was so excited because she kept telling us "I go there, I go to the city"