Sunday, December 30, 2007

Whew! Update 2007

Ahuva was in her first play...A Chirstmas Play at school, where she got to be Elmo. They sang the theme to Sesame street and ite a Winter Wonderland. She did really well, signing along to the song. I cried...yep, even though I promised I wouldn't, it brought tears to my eyes.
Sorry, I don't know how to rotate the pictures.
You'll have to rotate your heads for this one. The teachers are amazingly talented, they MADE the costumes each child wore. Truly amazing!
The kids are growing like weeds. Baby Alistair is one year old already. Can't believe it..the year flew by. I think with each kid, the years go faster.

If you recall, I went back to school to be a physician assistant ( we do pretty much everything the Doc does, but they supervise us..that's a PA in a very compact nut shell, obviously there is more to it then that).
I have been so busy in school i hardly see my family any more. Just in the morning to get dressed,and out the door. Home to pick them up from Gram and Gramps, and in the dorr to spend the rest of the night doing homework at my desk. Thank god for Gramdma and Grandpa. They have been truly amazing, a godsend that my parents are so willing to help out the way they do. (the hubby has been great too. He does housework, homework, dinner, and well, is pretty much Mister mom.) Been busy with didactic work, for now with the exception of two short rotations in areas to keep us interested. I got the Emergency room out in the boonies...let me tell you, I have some WILD stories from there...unfortunatly due to HIPPA, I am not sure I can share them with you..if you are dying to know a sotry, perhaps one day when the laws change I can share a few. Regardless, they tend to be rated R for stupidity. Anyway, I have loads of other stories...people sure do dumb things, let me tell you.
So here's a picture of me in school, to prove I really am there, and not just blowing you all off for no good reason. I was doing a casting and splinting workshop with a freind of mine and all my class mates. We practice on each other (expensive guinea pigs). This was back in October (seems like a life time ago). Seems like eons ago, but really only a few months...where does the time go?
I am busy busy busy. All day in school, home to made dinner (i mean eat dinner that B bought at the local Pizzaria). You know you eat out too much when you call to make an order and they recognize you by call least that's what Big B says (I never make the orders, he does). Ahuva still is not talking (she says BABY!), bu the signing is coming along great. Although I think we have stalled alittle with the siging due to some OT issues that need to be worked out. James keepin gus on our toes, boys are boys! Elie is a amazing little girl. Alweays helping out, and jumping in in the nick of time when mom or dad need another set of hands. She is also a great speller. Got her report card the other day..all A's, of course I would not expect anything else ;)
Alistair started walking at 11 months, at 11.5 months he was climbing. He understands everything you tell him, smart as all get out. He signs a little and says mama, dada, and all kinds of babble. Really a cute kiddo. Of course I am not biased, not at all.
Big B is busy at his new job. Spending ungodly hours working and coming home to work at home. The work never stops.
With winter break came a respite..ok not quite...a break in the monotony of weekly habits. Time for Doctor appointments and grocery shopping (FOOD!!!!!) ok, some cloths shopping to, I mean I haven't been to Ann taylor, Target or Macys in well, months! Sorry honey, I have to go know how it is when you are goin gthru withdrawal.
Ahuva has had some Cyanotic episodes in the last month and we have to check her out with pulmonology. Cardiology and ophthalmology gave her thumbs up. Here's hoping there's good news here this week.

So here's one last cute picture of my three kiddos...James was off making trouble somewhere instead of getting ready for bath time like the others.
Oh, well, boys will be boys.
At some point I will be able to write more...actually, I doubt that as I start back to classes next week and have no breaks until well, I take that back we get off good friday, but not easter. Oh, well, point being, It's crazy heere, life is good, kids are great. Just wondering what the hell I was thinking.. seriously, It's good. Wishing everyone a Happy healthy, prosperous New year with only good news and blessings!
Happy New Year to all!


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Congrats with schooling! Your kids look great! Our baby just turned 1, too! I understand the HIPPA nigtmare, but I am willing to bet it will only get worse not better. Have a great New Year!

Kim Ayres said...

Happy New Year - hope it's a good one for you all :)

jotcr2 said...

Wow, you seem busy. Glad everything is going well with the kiddies.

mum2brady said...

Love all the pics - especially the Elmo one! Hope you have a wonderful year too!!!