Monday, November 28, 2011

Overthought or Afterthought?

My children LOVE Max and Ruby, the animated television program based on books by Rosemary Wells. aThis is about tweo little bunnies that live together in this nice big house, and all the things they do. The storyline usually goes along the line of Max getting into mischief and Ruby rescuing him or preventing him from incurring bodily harm to himself or others. It has a very catchy theme song, and is filled with bright colors and basic animation that is still appealing even to young children who are getting used to complicated computer animations. Yesterday, my children were watching Max during one of his escapades in which he was trying to go outside in the rain , but Ruby kept making him put on his galoshes, when they finally made it outside it stopped raining. My oldest daughter looks at me and asks me “where are Max and Ruby’s parents? How come Mrs Huffington is there and Ruby’s friends all say they can’t be late because their mothers will be worried? Why don’t the parents ever appear in the show?” OK, so what do you say? Well I thought about it and ended up with my traditional “I have no idea, it’s a show for 3 year olds, but good observation”.
In reality, the more I thought about it, and yes I admit I did think about it, there are many different scenarios. Perhaps the parents are incarcerated since they apparently are absent and never are around. Perhaps the house that Max and Ruby live in is really one of those cute little Lilliput play homes that is in the backyard of Grandmother’s house, where the two really live under close supervision. Then I thought about it more, perhaps Ruby is the mother of Max, she seems very mature for her age after all. Maybe she is just making the most of her circumstances and is raising Max responsibly. Maybe Ruby’s mom or dad are single parents and they spend all their time, including at night during sleepovers, working to make money to pay for all the nice furnishings and house that Max and Ruby live in, which means Ruby is the mother and father and caregiver to her little brother Max. Maybe they are really orphans living as a family, but really they are just two kids stuck in odd circumstances. Then it finally occurred to me, I am over thinking the television show for 3 year olds and I really need to get a life.
So, what do you think the story is behind Max and Ruby, where are Mum and dad?

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