Friday, July 06, 2007

Pneu News

So it is official, Ahuva has pneumonia. We went yesterday to follow up with our pediatrician since we had been in the ER earlier in the week. She heard crackling and wheezing, and Ahuva still had a temperature, which suggests pneumonia. So we were started on antibiotics and sent home.

Last night at 10:15 pm, she woke up, with a fever of 105 degrees F..burning up, miserable. So we called the doctor who sent us in to the ER for a chest x-ray. Which came back bacterial pneumonia (ok, it was not a 100% conclusive either, but it appeared to have streaks that would support the pedicatricians earlier diagnosis of pnuemonia).

She got back home amidst a chaotic flurry of activity on our street. Apparently some idiot stole a car, crashed it on the street around the corner from us and ditched the car. There were eight police cars, three unmarked cars, two paddy wagons and two police dogs going all over the street, in back yards, up and down driveways looking for the person. When Daddy finally came home aroung 2 am, they managed to catrch them shortly after that....after over an hour of activity.

Daddy gets a big kudos, as he took Ahuva to the ER last night to give me a break...some break, I am such a control freak about her and her medical care, as I am the one that deals with all of it, he just sits back and lets me do it. But he managed to do a pretty good job last night. Although I did not sleep much, I dozed for 45 could I possibly sleep if my little girl is in the ER.
I helped that one of the Cheif of ER was there last night taking care of my little girl....I knew she was in good hands.

I need to make a list of all her medical history and allergies and stuff for the fall, as I will be in school and not around all the time, it would be helpful, to give a peice of paper instead of calling every five minutes to talk to the ER staff and quiz daddy on what is going on.

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jotcr2 said...

tough. i can't be away from my girl when she is very sick either.