Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Last of the Great Over Achievers

Well, as you get older and realize that life itself is more important then grades, that is when a "C" is the best grade ever. Before this term I would have been very disappointed in my "C", I have grwon up. Now that "C" is a badge of Honor. I got a "C" in Chemistry II, having gone back to school with a three week old baby, and continuing to go to class until last week, finishing the term with a very sqwuirmy 4 and a half month old. I was sleep deprived, brain dead and heading toward the psych ward part way through the term, thinking I would never make it. But...I did it. Not the best of grades, but I did it and I am proud of it.
Now I can focus on my kids and house for the next two months before I disappear into the depths of medical studies....At that point a "C" will no longer be acceptable. I will have backslide into my old world of youth...where A's count and B's are ok...who says we have to be old forever? Besides I can be young without Botox!

PS I still say that that mean wicked CHEMISTRY II teacher refused to give me my B because she wanted to prevent me from getting into my program...see we started the class with 25 students, only 9 of us were left to take the final. Everyone else dropped the class. Honestly, I thought about it. Dropping the class that is, but I decided to hang in their and just do my best. So I did. I lived, ate and breathed CHEMISTRY every waking minute that I wasn't in therapy with Amanda I was doing CHEMISTRY. When I was in therapy with her, all I talked about was CHEMISTRY. It was very, very sad that my life revoloved around CHEMISTRY. If I see the word CHEMISTRY again, it will be all too soon. Funny thing is is that people say my Hubby and I have a lot of CHEMISTRY...AAARGH!!!!!

PPS I got a B in genetics...My little angel, who happens to have Downs syndrome taught me everything and them some!? My B proves it...YAY!! Thank you precious Amanda...thank you.

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