Monday, May 21, 2007

Thrill of the Chase

My husband came in looking for Amanda's toothbrush, so she could get ready for bed. "Honey, where's Peanuts toothbrush?". Nursing Alistair, I proceed to respond, "it's where we always leave it when we are done brushing our the bathroom. I think?" Hmm...that is a good question, I am pretty sure I put it back when we were done brushing our teeth this morning, but it was such a long time ago and so much has happened, who knows?
B leaves, and comes back empty handed. "Peanut where is your tooth brush?"
She looks at us and smiles walking out of the room. B follows her, and you can hear stuff being shuffled around in the other room. Once again, B returns empty handed.
He starts picking up laundry, looking under the bed, lifting the bed cloths looking for that elusive tooth brush. The one that grew legs and ran away right after Amanda finished brushing her teeth this morning. B opens the drawer to the night stand, pushes aside some books...still no tooth brush.
By now he is starting to get a little irritated. Still nursing the baby, I smile and offer some words of encouragment, " find it yet? How hard is is to find her tooth brush?"
Pushing aside the top of the clean laurndy that is stacked up waiting to be folded - pulling the basket away from the wall....AHA! The elusive tooth brush is found! "See honey, right where we always keep it!"
B gives me a dirty look...I smile.

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Kim Ayres said...

Of course you could always tie a piece of string to it...