Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend 2005

Busy weekend this weekend, we started with dinner on thanksgiving at my in laws. It was nice, to be with all the family like that. WE saw my sister in law and her husband and heard all about her grand daughter and their new daughter in law. Mom made a great turkey and a duck to boot, in case you were still hungry.
Then we went for the weekend to babysit my brother in laws mom, who is undergoing chemo. She doesn't like to be left alone and since my brother in law and his family went away, we offered to keep her company. So we did just that, we kept her company and made sure she took her meds on time. My kids love going to her house, and spending time with her as she really pays attention to them. It was a nice weekend, although we froze at my brother in laws house. They keep the house so cold, it was 57 degrees in there, I kid you not. So we bundled up and didn't sleep too well that night, as we were freezeing our noses off.
Today we laid low and hung out around the house while doing laundry. Very exciting, I just hav no desire to go with all the other sheep into the pasture to graze on the goods. THe malls will be packed betweeen now and Christmas, sales galore, so why go this weekend, when I can go one next next week in the middle of the day when it is quiet. I hope everyone has had a great weekend with family and friends,


Julana said...

Glad you had a good time. I avoided the mad rush at the malls, too. Now I think more about picking up germs in crowds, than getting bargains. :-)

Belovedlife said...

Me Too! How funny. My husband thinks I am crazy I have become such the germaphobe since we had PEanut...hard to imagine I am going into the medical field. I'll be holding my breath alot and washing my hands raw.
I make people leave their shoes at my front door, and wash their hands with soap and warm water before touching anything or anyone in my house. I have also been known to Lysol my hiousehold surfaces frequently.