Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and everyone around us is so busy getting ready for the holiday. Sometimes I wonder if people remember what the holiday is really about. Or if people take the time to think about what they are thankful for. Apparently there are a few people in the world who do, as I was in the supermarket today and observed an amazing interaction. There is a girl with DS who works as a bagger, and another young man who appears to have a disability, but I am unsure what, who works bringing the shopping carts in and bagging too. Both are very sweet individuals, whom I am always glad to say hi too and interact with. Anyway, as I stood in line, the two of them were discussing Thanksgiving and what they were going to be doing. The girl, Harmony, was saying how excited she was that she was going to cook the turkey with her mom, but that she was in charge of the stuffing (she had such a grin on her face, you could tell she was proud to be given this job). The young man, Chuck, said he was going to go off his diet for a day and eat as much as he can, because the food is always so yummy. Then he asked Harmony what she was thankful for. She thought for a second, then looked at him and said her mom. She went on to explain that her mom really does alot for her and she loves her so much. He shrugged and said he was thankful he could go off his diet, then laughed and said no really he was thankful for his brothers and his dad, because they told him he could do anything. Now, is that not the most heartwarming conversation ever? For all that we do for our special kids, they DO notice and really are grateful and thankful. I really felt so proud for their families that they raised such great kids. I just wish I could tell them the conversation I had heard.
So while you are preparing your holiday meals, take a moment and think about a wonderful moment in your life, and be thankful. Stay safe, and enjoy...Happy Thanksgiving!

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