Sunday, November 13, 2005

Life's Little Moments

Tonight was a big football game. I was very nice, and after my husband was offered tickets from a friend, to let him go. I took some time out this afternoon to get some errands done. It was only fair, besides my husband rarely goes out to sporting events anymore. It was a nice treat for him.
Anyway, after he left I was putting the kids to bed and my Ellie says to me, "mommy, I remember when I was four, I loved James' eyes when he was a baby, they were too cute and so fat!" I must say james was a fat baby, at seven months he weighed 23 pounds. You would never know it now, he is a slim trim 3 year old. It was all breastmilk fat, that melts away the minute the kids start to move. It was just funny the way she said it and out of the blue. WHy is it that kids tend to put an age to when they remember things, and yet it is always the last year. If they are 5 it was when they were 4 if they are 4 it was when they were 3.
Then, when they finally fell asleep, which was in ten minutes, the fastest I've ever seen them go, it was a perfect picture moment. Both kids were in our bed, Ellie curled up next to James and James laying semi-upright with his arms up, hands behind his head, proping his head up like he was watching tv. Both sound asleep. So cute and magical. Very cute moments that one can enjoy and smile.

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Julana said...

You are a rich woman. :-)