Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Weee're Baaaack

We are back from our fun filled, crazy busy weekend. Despite being extremely tired, in the end I think it is safe to say that a pretty good time was had by all, and the trip was relatively uneventful. On the way there, my son James, screamed for 20 miles because he ate too much. That was fun, especially since my mother in law was in the car with us. Once he fell asleep, he was fine the rest of the way.
The wedding was nice, small, mostly family and a few friends, but very elegant. The kids had such a great time staying up past their bed time and playing with cousins.
The highlight for me was Saterday afternoon a bunch of the cousins came to play with the kids. The kids and cousins were all between the ages of 6 and 16. Peanut was sitting on the floor, and she was being included in a board game. She kept edging closer to the kids and babbling, so the kids would turn around and talk to her and have her help march the pieces around the board. It was so nice to see Peanut being so social, but also being accepted by the kids. They all thought it was so cool that she wears contacts, so much so that one of the kids kept bugging their mom to let them get lenses, because if Peanut has them so can I. It was really sweet.
Now, it is time to rest up for a few days to get ready for thanksgiving and more family togetherness....I think there should be a limit to how much time you are allowed to spend with your family, that way no one winds up irritated.


Lori said...

Wow, your little peanut has contacts? Jackie is 5 and actually has glasses, she just refuses to wear them. She does some times, but usually throws them off cause she HATES them. I didn't know a child this young could get contacts. This is really interesting to me. I need to ask her eye doctor. Maybe this is an option for Jackie as well. How are they working out for her?

God Bless


Julana said...

Happy THanksgiving!