Friday, June 08, 2007

A Tale of Two Lenses

So you've heard of the famouus Charles Dickens novel A Tale of Two Cities? Well, here's my version of the story. A Tale of Two Lenses.

This morning we got dressed as usual, put her lenses in and headed downstairs to get ready for school. Shce sat at the big table, to eat her Cheerios. Then, while my older two headed outside to play on the deck, she followed. I checked her eyes before she went out, and her lenses were still in. After getting lunches organized, kids shoes on, and putting car seats in the car (I traded cars with the ubby cuz my radio was on the fritz..that's another story) I gathered everyone up and checked her lenses one more time. Low and behold she was mssing, not one but BOTH of her lenses. OMG! I thought I was losing my mind! I knew I had put in both her lenses this morning, at least I had thought I had, didn't I keep checking her eyes for them?
I asked Ellie if I had put them in...she must have thought I was nuts, as the look she gave me as she said, " yes you did mommy, remember?"...I guess I didn't want to face the reality of what this meant, that she lost TWO lensses at once. The repurcussions of such an event would be , well, not good. It would mean more money shelled out for lenses. Two weeks after having just gotten these, means these haven't been paid off yet.
I spent 45 minutes crawling around looking for them, to no avail. Disappointed, upset, bewildered I put on her back up glasses (the really thick bottle looking ones) and set off to drop her off at school.
I can't beleive we are going to start the last day of school like this - late and minus our contacts. It was bad enough she had broken her glasses for ontop of the contacts last week and worse still that the frames had been discontinued and I can't seem to find them anywhere! Now this!? COuld she possibly have eaten the lenses, while partaking in her breakfast? Mmmmm, these Cheerios are extra crunchy this morning mommy....
I dropped her off, and returned home to crawl around for another couple of hours and guess what! You awill never believe it...I FOUND not one, but BOTH of the lenses. One was on the deck under the patio furniture, and the second was at the edge of the deck where it over looks the car. Amanda had been standing there watching me put the car seats in.
My luck was greater then great, as I found them before it started to rain cats and dogs.
Now my only dilemma was which lense went in which eye, as they had not marked this pair with the customary dot. I found an optomitrist who was able to read the lenses and give me his best guess as to which one goes to which eye. I also have the prescribing physician sending me a new set, so that the ones I found will become extras, as we are not 100% sure which one goes to which eye.
Boy, with all the excitment we had today I hope tomorrow is a bit duller.


Nina said...

Im glad you found the contacts! :)


Belovedlife said...

that makes two of us!