Wednesday, June 13, 2007

James Big Day

Doesn' t that sound like the title to a Thomas the Tank Engine Story?
But I digress...Today was James end of year party and play in school. Even though they have school til the end of the week, the teachers did a great little play and song thing for the parents. It was so cute, and the kids all had worked so hard! James did a great job singing aling (ok to most of the songs, he is a little shy about his speech). He did do all the hand motions.
After ward, James helped his little sister explore his classroom, introducing her to everyone, "this is my sister Ahuva!" He helped her climb the stairs to the "tree house" . He made sure she held the railing and reprimanded a fellow classmate for pushing past her. HE told them, "you'll make her fall and crack her head open! She is slow, you have to say beep- beep"....ahhh out of the mouths of babes!
It is so nice to see the two kids getting along so nicely, helping each other out. Even better is that James has a sense of his little sister doing things more slowly and is willing to protect her. I am so pround of my big boy! HE has really grown and become quite the young man,.....not if we could do something about the dirty clothes left on the floor..well, I guess I have to leave somehting for his wife to deal with?
James even insisted on a picture with "mommy, baby and sissy too". I can't beleive we are heading to Kindergarten next year...boy does time fly!


amy flege said...

aww what a great picture....

L. Noelle said...

Very Cute! What a proud moment for you! There is truly nothing more spectacular than to watch one of your children gently look out for the other! It makes you feel like you must be doing something right in the midst of all the chaos! At least that's how I feel! Adorable pictures!