Friday, June 22, 2007


Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary. No I did not get tin for my gift - thank you smart hubby! I got the modern ten year gift - diamonds. A beautiful ring to symbolize our eternal love -- sorry to be so mushy, but hey isn't that the whole thing about diamonds? I already know that they are definitly a girls best friend....
For my hubby I replaced his lost wedding band. I thought that would be appropriate.
Honey, I love you and here's to Ten more years..
love ya!


amy flege said...

awww how sweet. and i agree on the diamond thing!! :)
happy 10th (it our 16th this i old??)

L. Noelle said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! That's wonerful! I'm so happy you got something you liked!

Belovedlife said...

Thanks you guys...I got the best present hubby!

Mauzy said...

oh Happy Anniversary! And Indy and Nascar is here for you in August with a hotel at chez Mauzy! You just need tickets! (or not~ come hang while the men go racin')

Jeff said...

Congrats....sorry they are late..if someone I know would have posted this on his blog I would have been on time.....hmmmm

Hope you all had a wonderful time.