Saturday, June 09, 2007

Goodbyes...for Now

Yesterday was Peanuts last day of school. Although she had only been there for a short time, about a month, we fell in love with her teachers , therapists, staff and friends . She has grown tremendously - in personality, social skill, and developmentally. Amanda has managed to find new ways to explore her environment. Peanut has become a student and a teacher. She has taught fellow classmates to open doors to explore other environments (ie she taught them how to run out the room and down the hall, shrieking with delight). She has discovered that she can help her classmates learn how to participate in self help skill, by encourageing wiping their mouths after a meal. Amanda has also learned how to blow kisses from one of her new, dear friends. Not to mention shoe shopping by offering 'lost shoes' to those without shoes on. My little one has grown tremendously independant, wanting to feed herself, and getting very mad when you try to do it for her. Music is her newest love, dancing to the rhythm of the beat, coaxing her baby brother on by grabbing his hands and helping to to 'dance' along. Let's not foget the finger isolation and extention - she points at what she wants and says 'uh-uh' patting you until you give it to her. If she knows the sign she'll sign for what she wants...all while smiling that adorable smile, that which melts all hearts.
We will miss everyone over the summer...those who will be back for our special summer session, we look forward to seeing, everyone else we can't wait to see you in the fall. Amanda has taken to school like a fish to water, thanks to all your love and support. Thank you for being there and for being so caring. Enojoy your summer...and KEEP IN TOUCH!


Nina said...

I already miss my little Huvie! My vacation really hasnt even started yet and I miss everyone so much. I'll keep in touch thru your blog and I love reading about Ahuva's adventures!

Belovedlife said...

We miss you too! I was in Target this morning and got all excited, cuz I thought I saw you...Not you though! Oh, when do oyu shop at the Waterfront?
Never a dull moment here.