Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Big Trip

We went to the wonderful city of Detroit, Michigan for two days to visit my niece and brand new great nephew. In other words my neice had a baby boy and we went to check him out. He is so yummy, small at 6 pound 14 oz - ok not so small, but compared to my moster baby he is small. My niece looks great for having had number three a week ago, and the two other kids are adjusting well. The trip in wasn't bad at all. My kids travel so nicely, which is a good thing, as the Mother-in-law came with us. I am sure that my Hubby will blog about the trip...I will just skip to the fun parts.
We stayed at a hotel so that we didn;t impose on the new mom, and it made it feel like a mini-vacation. When we got to the hotel, the kids, my husband, mother-in-law and I went swimming. What better way to go swimming then indoors, where you don't have to mess with sun scream (oops...that's sun screen, to you we call it sun scream cuz the kids usaully end up screaming at some point during the application...'honey, did you put it in the kids eyes again?") They had a blast, especially miss amanda, who thanks to school and her teachers LOVED the water. She was so mad when it was time to get out. She has no fear fo the water at all...ahe just wants to jump right in!
Baby Alistair even got in on the action, with daddy taking him in for a spin around the pool (unfortunatly I can only put soo many pictures in a post...perhaps Daddy will pout that pic on his post?!)
While we were there, we decided, ok I decided, that we should take the kids to the zoo before we know to tire them out so that the trip home would be a breeze? Let me tell you it worked! The only problem with my plan is that then we, the adults were all exhausted too!
The Dertoit Zoo is amazing! First of all, our zoo here at home is filled with hills and alot of cement. The Detriot zoo, is, well Flat! Not too much cement, and fun! We went to the Polar bear exhibit where you can walk under the water and watch the sea lions and polar bears swim over you and around you...very cool. Amanda loved it so much. She was a little distracted by the water reflections since it was a sunny day (92 degrees baby!) but when the sea lions came up, she was watching intently.
After the zoo trip, we hopped in the car, fed the kids and watered them up, got on the raod and headed home. We made in good time stopping two times. THe kids, Ellie, James and Alistairt slept most of the way home, while Peanut was awake and glued to her TV scrren, not sure how on earth we managed to get Blue's Clues in the car. Hey, whatever works, right?
All in all it was a great trip, kids behaved, I behaved, you know a little mint chocolate chip ice cream will get you along way ion my house!


Nina said...

sounds like you had a great time! I love all the pictures! :)

Mauzy said...

uh, Detroit is only about 7 hours from Indy (heck I have no idea..)

Glad the mint chocolate chip put you in the right mood for the ride home...god knows you must be a PIA in the car otherwise. hee hee