Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gallons of Ice Cream

I have a few minutes in between activities as I get ready for my sons big party. So I thought I'd share a peice of very important information with you. Baskin Robbins does sell gallons of ice cream, in a different sort of way. Instead of hand packing it like they do for a quart or a half gallon, they get creative. They take the great big container that they dip out of and CUT it into a smaller container. After all a gallon is just a weight, right?! Then they top it off with a cap, write the flavor on the top and hand it over....after you pay a small ransome for it.
So, you are asking yourself, why do I know this? I know this thanks to a very special man, my husband. He owed me ice cream because of a certain cartoon he posted (and from a ball game a few weeks ago). Monday afternoon, actually monday night as I didn;t get home until 5 pm, He surprises me with thegallon of Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yummy!
Not good for my diet, but great for stress relief! Anyway so now you know, and now you can rest a little easier tonight knowing that next time you want a gallon of Baskin-Robbins Ice cream, you CAN get just is a little interesting looking.


Tara Marie said...


Have a great weekend and lots of fun celebrating....and post a picture of that cake if you can,,,I know you will have made a delicious one.

Kim Ayres said...

Sounds good - I've always had a soft spot for mint choc-chip!

This Christmas, Maggie has promised to make some of her bramble ice cream from the pile of blackberries we now have clogging up the freezer.

BStrong said...

We were at the market last week and I saw some blackberries. I immediately thought of your family recipe, but was dissapointed when I found some mold on the blackberries. Hopefully we'll find something fresh(er) next trip.

They might be out of season now.

DonutsMom said... chocolate chip ice cream. Best flavor EVER!! And a gallon??? Sounds like heaven!