Saturday, October 22, 2005

Of Igloos & Dog Sleds

With gas and pertrolium prices soaring my husband and I have been re-thinking the trips to the store for the lone gallon of milk, and adding a sweater or two in order to turn down the thermostat. Tight times call for tough measures, so I have been thinking about ways to cut costs. As I sit here typing this in my sweats with two layers underneath (it's really not that cold, I am just always cold in the winter) I have found the perfect solution. All we need to do is take a couple of lessons from our friends in Alaska, the Eskimos. You read it right, the Eskimos. They live in igloos and drive around in dog sleds.
Think of the savings now! Go down to the pound and pick up a dozen dogs, bring 'em home, then build yourself a sled (or buy one from Target for $9.99). The cost of dog food and vet bills would certainly pale in the face of petrolium. Besides, you will have performed the best humanitarian act this year by saving those dogs from the gas chamber. When you get home, you could go in the backyard, build yourself a nice igloo, and your heating bills would be quite low. Not to mention your spouse would be so happy you finally cut down that darn tree and all the overgrowth in the yard. You could even add on a room or two, at virtually no cost, except that of labor! You could finally own that seven bedroom mansion, with a small heating bill to match. Think of the resale value in that! While in the construction phase, remember to watch out for that yellow snow!
So as you prepare to batten down the hatches, cut back on outings and shopping trips. As you purchase twelve pairs of thermal underwear and sixteen pairs of sweat suits for each member of the family keep these suggestions in mind. It might save you a few bucks somewhere along the line.
Now that I have solved the problem of heating and transportation for the winter, what about the summer months you ask? Well, adobe is cool and cheap enough, as for gett'n around town, well roller skates are pretty cheap.....although my sister has a fondness for those little motorized scooters that you plug in to charge. Apparently they come with two speeds, Turtle or Rabbit. I kid you not. You can put the scooter into turtle and go slowly or you can crank it up and zip around town in style on a super charged scooter in Rabbit sped. Sure would beat the $2.69 per gallon for those trips to the store for milk.


Kim Ayres said...

Dare I mention that in the UK, petrol is 95p per litre, which works out at more than $8 per gallon...

Tara Marie said...

The eskimos and other indigedous people always lived frugally....we all could learn much from how they use and reuse things.

Loved this post!

Belovedlife said...

I guess that our situation here in the US isn't too bad then...the grass is not always greener on the other side of the pond.

Tara Marie-
We can always learn from other people and from the past. I loved my anthropology courses in college (back in the day)...glad you enjoyed!