Thursday, October 27, 2005

Spa de la Discrecion

I recently went to a five star spa, as a gift from my husband. I had gotten the gift certificate from him for my birthday back in August, but had not found the time until recently to get there. It was a nice unassuming location, nothing fancy, but great service, and certianly with a smile. Well, after the most relaxing massage, I spend a good half hour in the post massage relaxation chair, they had some funny name for it like, the post bliss de-clouding chair, or some strange thing. As I leave, they ask if I would like to come back, of course I say yes. Not to mention I still have money left on my gift certificate. They then proceed to invite me to bring someone with me the next time. They have couples massage specials that I might like to share. I said no my husband is not coming the next time. Of course I said no, I would rather keep this to myself (yes I am that selfish, how often do I get to do something just for me?). So instead they offer to me the opportunity to bring my boyfriend the next time, promising to be discrete. I assumed that they had not heard me when I had said I was not interested in bringing my HUSBAND. So I repeated, yet they assured me that they had meant my spouse, boyfriend or significant other, whomever that may be. Apparently I am living in a dream world, in bliss thinking that there are people who still beleive in monogomous relationships. Desperate Houswives is not so off the beaten path, with this one sleeping with that one and then the next one lines up...what the heck people!?
I come home and relay the story to my Nanny who tells me sure everyone has affairs all the time, and proceeds to tell me about this friend and that friend and their extra cirricular activities. Anyway she tells me I could never have an affair or extra marital affair because I have a big mouth and I'd screw it up, her words not mine. But she's probably right, I do have a big yap, although I have been doing much better about keeping it shut (that might be because I can't remember anything anymore).
Later that day it occurs to me that maybe I should send my husband and my boyfriend for a special couples massage together. I wonder what the concierge at the spa would say to that? Of course I'd have to get a boyfriend first, of course my nanny is right, I probably wouldn't do that very well. Honey, if you are reading this, I love you and you know I'd never cheat, unless it was with my boyfriend ;)

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Tara Marie said...

LOL!!! I'm so glad you had such a glorious time! It is fun to be pampered.