Monday, October 10, 2005

101 Friends For 3

If you've ever seen 101 Dalmations there is a scene where Pongo (the dad) is attempting to count the puppies, but loses count and yet still ends up with 101 (even though by his count there are 156). Anyway, at my sons 3rd birthday party, the Big Haircut Ceremony party, there were approximately 101, maybe add 20 or 25, of our family and friends (kids included) in attendance. It was so nice to see everyone and spend the afternoon with them, enjoying our kids, catching up and relaxing.
The buffet included such items as Roasted Garlic and Potato Gallettes, Apple Cinnamon Muffins, A noodle dish called kugel, Oriental Spinach salad, Chocolate Trifle (which was really really yummy), assorted cookie trays, homemade dinner rolls, bagels, cream cheese, egg salad, and fruit salad. Of course there was the cake too. The cake I HAD to make, which not without a few close calls, turned out really good. I have to say I surprised even myself! People ate, and enjoyed (I think?!).
James was such a trooper, coming to get his hair cut whenever someone new arrived to the party. He was so good. He never shed a tear or cried, just smiled and asked for more Smarties. All in all a good time was had by all, and everyone is glad it is overwith. Especially mommy, since the night before was a restless night. I was a bit upset and anxious about cutting my baby boys hair. You see he had locks that resembeled Fabio's trade mark hair, long flowing blonde locks that catch your attention. Now those locks are gone. History. He now looks as cute as can be, my little baby boy replaced by this heartbreaking little man. Look out girls, James is on the prowel!


Kim Ayres said...

When I saw the 101 in the title of this posting, for a brief moment I thought I was to be treated to 101 things about you :)

Belovedlife said...

Sorry to disappoint, Kim. I'll have to start working on mine....perhaps when I turn 30 it will get posted, as I have little time to think that hard lately.