Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Big Number Three

When my son turns three it is time to celebrate. We will be celebrating the fac that he has grown and turned from a baby into a boy. That he has developed into this amazing little man who is curious and interesting in bugs and trains and cars and how things work. Who am I kidding! I am celebrating the fact the Mommy has survived the first three years with minial changes to her hair (ie not gray yet!). All the stress and the headaches all not for nothing. I have become a wise woman. I know that I need to celebrate in a big way!
We have invited 125 of our closest friends and family (mostly family) to join us for a party in honor of my sons third birthday. It will be at this party that we will cut his hair for the first time ever. Yes, in three years he has not even had a trim, well other then Peanut yanking out a handfull of hair last month. Everyone in attendance will be able to take a small snip, and then following the party we will go to the barber and get a nice cut and style. It is a family custom that has been done for generations...something new and different, hey any excuse to party!
So in preperation for the party I have been baking. I made black and white cookies, snickerdoodles, swedish nut balls, palmiers, apple muffins, dinner rolls, and am not done yet. Last count on the cookies was 18 dozen cookies and 4 dozen dinner rolls and 5 dozen muffins. Not quite enough food for that many people, and so the menu goes on to include potato galettes, spinach salad, fruit platters, egg and tuna salads, and a quiche or two. Not to mention the birthday cake. I decided I didn't want to spent $100 on a cake when I can make one for ten dollars or less. So I am going to try to make my own...I'll let you know how it looks. Truthfully even if it doesn't look all that good, at least I know it will taste good.
So for the next few days it is the kitchen for me..up to my elbows in a 25# bag of flour and sugar flying all over...don't worry I'll clean house before the guests arrive, I have about a week or less.....


Kim Ayres said...

What? No Bramble Crumble???


Belovedlife said...

I actually did want to make the bramble crumble but there were two problems: One the berries were not looking too good, they were kinda moldy, and two they were REALLY expensive at the store I was in. I haven't had time to shop around....But it is on the menu for next weeks luncheon, I'll let you know how it turns out!

Tara Marie said...

Thinking about you as you get nearer to the big celebration!!!

My dh will be in/near Pittsburg the weekend of the 22nd.....bunch of his college room-mates are getting together.

I can't wait to hear about the big day and I hope you are not too tired preparing for the event to beable to relax and enjoy this magical moment in time.

Peace and love, Tara Marie

Julana said...

What a lot of fun!