Monday, October 10, 2005

Uncle John Strikes Again

Proof positive that Uncle John has a very special place in my sons heart, in two acts.
Act One:
When James woke up Sunday morning he was excited. He came into our room, eyes shining bright, smile big as can be and announces, "Mine Birthday!" Brian and I say yes it is your birthday. The following is a dialog between Brian and James:
Brian: yes it is your birthday
James: Me birthday, James
Brian: Do you know what we are going to do today?
There is a pause as James thinks and then answers: Cut mines hairs
Brian: that's right, you're going to get you're hair cut today. Do you know who is going to cut it?
James pauses, tilts his head so that his hair is falling away from his face, thinks, and then answers: Unca John cuts mines hairs! (with the biggest grin of all on his face)
Brian looks at me and asks me if I had coached him to say that, of course I had NOT, James just was really excited that Unca John was coming to cut his hair.

Act Two:
We are at the Salon and James has just gotten up into the barber chair. He sits down and the stylist asks him about his funky hair do. You see we went from our house where the butchery had occurred (ie everyone taking peices of hair and loping them off with scissors and no particular style). The stylist, Nichole asks him who cut his hair. Instead of saying everyone, he looks at her and without a pause smiles and says : "Unca John cuts mines hairs!" What a cutie Pie kiddo...

I guess that the honor of the haircut and the first FIVE word sentence go to "Unca John"....If he should ever decide to switch careers he might try hair stylist, at least according to my three year old.

I wonder if I take James to Uncle John for his 6 week trim how much he'd charge me for it......hmmm?


Naomi said...

Wow a 5 word sentence, that's great. Uncle John has obviously made a big impression on James.

Julana said...

It is great for your children to have such a close extended family. Those memories will be treasured for years.