Monday, September 26, 2005

Thumbs Up!

Due to Peanuts vision issues, every six months we take her to the School For Blind Children to have a Functional Vision Comprehensive Evaluation done. They look at all areas of developement with vision as the main factor to see how she is doing. We saw them last in April right before she underwent surgery for her strabismus and nystagmus ( wandering and shaking). At that time Amanda was doing really well, but had apparently developed amblyopia (turning off one eye and only using the other). We had a lot of concerns regarding schooling and teaching her to move in her environment because of the low vision. Since then she has made great strides.
In June we had the surgery and we went last week for her evaluation and they could hardly beleive it was the same little girl! She was so quick to find the lights and turn towards them equally on both sides! She was exploring her environment and playing around. She was finding objects that were the same color on color with ease. ALl things she had had difficulty with before. They were so pleased in fact that when the subject of schooling had come up, we were told not to worry about putting her on the waiting list for the School for Blind Children, that she'd presumably do very well in a typical setting (ie not specifically geared for kids with vision impairments, that the concern should be the DS not the vision). What an awesome feeling!
I know we have a great team who work very hard with her and I am so pleased at all the progress PEanut has made, on her own and with the amazing help of the therapists! I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us...the unending surprises of accomplishements and goals met...I just wish she'd start pooping!


Kim Ayres said...

That's such good news and great to hear - go peanut!

Little White Smurf said...


Great blog, just came across it whilst looking at blogs to do with visual impairment....Keep up the good work!

Take it easy

Little white smurf