Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Peanut is finally connecting her actions to our reactions. In other words she finally gets it. Yesterday we went to the md for a quick check, after the exam, I had some questions for the md. So while I dressed Peanut I was basically otherwise occupied. After a few minutes, ok i lie, after about fifteen minutes, Peanut has had enough. She becomes very cranky and is crying. So I look at her and say" If you wave Byebye we'll leave". She looks at me then at the md, then back at me and lays her head down. I resume my conversation with the md, and a few minutes later Peanut becomes cranky again, so I repeat my offer to her. This time she took me up on it. She looks at me, then at the md and wouldn't you know it she smiles and waves Byebye! So of course I excused myself from my converstion and left. Later in the day when the Vision therapist was leaving Peanut was again asked to say byebye, and she did! Verbal Cues only! Hooray! The connections are being made.......


Tara Marie said...

I know the thrill you just experienced!!! and what an amazing thrill it is.

I think that the biggest thing for me was that it was just the beginning of all these myths and old-fashion stereo-types that were in my mind starting to POP!!! Like taking a pin and popping bubbles!

Peanut gets it....and she will continue to get it, process it and surprise you left and right....and continue to fill you heart with such joy!!!

Way-to-go Peanut!!!! You're one smart cookie!!!

Julana said...

Good for her!

Kim Ayres said...

Just a quick message to let you know that I've now updated my side bar and linked to your site.