Thursday, September 22, 2005

To Grandmothers house we go....

We went to Upstate New York near SUNY the begining of this week to visit family. It was fun. The kids watched movies on the way there making it much easier for mommy to stomach the eight hour trip. The only one who was unhappy was Peanut, and boy did she let us know. It is hard because now that she has figured out how to move she wants to move and not be stuck in one spot (I don't blame her).
While we were in the fashion plate of the north, I did take my chance and do a little shopping. We went into this humongous mall that was five levels of shops, there is no way you can see it all in one visit. Trust me we saw a quarter of two floors and that took a few hours. There was also an indoor carosel, that was full size with all the horses going up and down. The kids enjoyed going on it and seeing the Legos in the Legoland store. I hit the biggest H & M I have ever clothes, awesome prices! We wardrobed the family for a small kings ransome. Oh, well!
I found a dress for my nephews wedding at a bargin price, and can't wait to wear it ( princess feeling, ladies!)
The highlight of the trip for me, aside from all the shopping was going to where my mom had grown up and showing my kids around town. It was fun because I spent so much time there as a kid and I have found myself wishing I could take my kids to see the fun things. There was an old dairy farm, called Dunmires, where I used to go and get fresh milk, in the glass jars. I would get fresh churned sweet butter and the most delisiouc ice cream you have ever tasted! They were closed, as they had shut down operations a few years ago, but the property was still there. Then there was the old elementary school building, which is now the borough building and library. The old high school had been torn down about seven years ago, which was the last time I had been through. Now there was a new public housing complex. But, my grandmothers (my moms) old house was still there, although the new owners decided to paint the pale blue shutters a very ugly shade of burgandy/puke brown.
The house that my great grandmother had grown up in was also still standing and in great shape. The old post office building made of feild stone that used to be my great grandfathers general store was also still standing and in mint condition. The bank had ahd a makeover, but it was still the only bank in town. However the market (Klein's) a small grocery store, had been renovated and had fresh new beige siding put up over the old brick. It was a shame they covered it because it was a historical building. I remember waiting until I was old enough to run to the store myself. I would run out the back of my grandmothers house, down the path in her graden to the alley, and run next to train tracks to the store thirty feet away. I'd go in and pick either an ice cream or a candy bar and a cold coke, pay and run back to sit in the yard on a swing to drink my coke and eat my treat. When my cousins came to town too, we'd race down the front way over the old brick sidewalks, runnning to beat them to the store, many a times falling and shredding my knees on the bricks. Memories, sweet memories.
My kids didn't get the chance to make any purchases at Klein's market, but they did play in the play ground and saw the old cemetary that dates back to the civil war.


Julana said...

I'm glad you all get to travel so much. Except for Peanut. :-) She seems to prefer shorter jaunts. I got to visit the area where my mother's side of the family lives, earlier in the summer. It is great to go back and get in touch with that part of yourself.

Belovedlife said...

It's funny because this year since we had Peanut, we have travled more then the last few years combined! Third kids, the charm I guess?!