Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Whole New Respect For Uncle John

Let me formally introduce you to Uncle John. He is relatively new to our family, as we only recently adopted him. He came to our side of Pennsylvania to work as an obstetrician/gynecologist just over three years ago. Over the years he has spent a great deal of time with us and is now considered family. You have heard about him in my other blogs, just not by name. For example the friend who called from out of state when Peanut was born and came to my rescue in my postpartum adventures, well that was Uncle John (see Beloved Life - Peanuts Story). On many occassions, throughout the last few years, Uncle John has been there for us as a family from hospitalizations to first teeth. My kids love him, asking when he'll be over to dinner next. They fight over who will play what with Uncle John when he is coming for dinner. The last time he came to dinner the kids cornered him and he spent a good portion of time playing store and reading them stories. They loved it! Everytime James finds our copy of Mr Brown Can Moo, by Dr. Seuss, he says "Uncle John read me!". Elle keeps reminding me that it is her turn to watch a movie with him, I think she chose the new Lilo and Stitch movie. If we should be in the vicinity of his office, they'll ask if Uncle John is at work today and if they can say hi. A truely amazing person whom my husband and I are glad to call family.
I have never been able to understand how on earth he works the way he does. As an OB for a large area practice he takes call at least once a week, only to do surgery and see patients in the office as well. Occassionally he will cover for other practices in the area and take their call as well. What I never understood was how on earth after being on call and in surgery he could stay up, and stick to his schedule without falling on his face from fatigue. Last I checked, he doesn''t drink caffiene which makes it all the more perplexing. I guess over the years you get used to it, after all isn't that what a residency program is for? But still, I can't imagine doing it every week, sometimes twice a week. After I had Peanut and had no choice but to get up after being up a good part of the night to then chase my kids and go about our routine as usual, I thought I got it. But after last night, I don't think I got it until today.
Last night Peanut decided to play. Well, let me back up a bit. She has been constipated so mommy decided to feed her a bunch of watermelon, bad idea. It is a diuretic, and of course it hadn't occured to me until she'd had her sixth wet diaper for the day (usually only 4). When she got up for the third time at 11 pm, I got worried so I tried to give her a bottle of water. Funny thing, she hated it and woke right up. So I gave her something to eat and tried to get her to go back to sleep. Well, she finally did go back to sleep, at 5:15 am. So basically I had been up for approximately 21 hours ( it would have been 22, but I took a 1 hour nap yesterday afternoon). Wouldn't you know I had finally gotten to sleep when my kids wake up and so does the husband. They all get up and dressed, and decide to get coffee. Great idea, I need lots of caffiene today, but after only 2 hours of sleep, I cannot move much less drink a coffee. It took me a good hour to get my tired behind out of bed, I just had no energy to move, at all. As I lay in my bed, I can hear Peanut chatting in ther room. Usually I go right in to get her and put her glasses on so she can see. How horrible of a mommy was I this morning? I kept trying to move, but there was no way it was happening. I finally did make it in, and the little stinker looks up at me from her crib and gives me the biggest smile ever. She just grins from ear to ear, and says "Ba, ba", how do I compete with that? With that smile, I think I can forgive her for keeping me up, so long as she sleeps tonight. So this brings me to my point, I have a whole new respect for Uncle John and the work he does. There is now way I could work the hours he does....well maybe I could, I'll let you know how today goes. If I don't keel over from fatigue, maybe I should go to medical school...after all how different could it be from my day today......
You know what, I really couldn't do it. I think I'd better leave it up to the experianced professionals, like Uncle John. Besides, someone needs to take care of the homefront and feed the family so that they can continue to work crazy hours. I think I'll stick to my kitchen...anyone for some pancakes? If you are reading this Uncle John, you get an extra helping of dessert next time you're here for dinner, you deserve it!
Now, I think I need a nap......
Update: It is presently 4:15 pm, I have officially hit the proverbial wall. Caffeine buzz has worn now trying to not fall face first into keyboard. Brian has ordered dinner, gone to pick it up. I am bathing the kids, eating and falling into bed. Note to self: will never be able to do what Uncle John does without causing bodily harm to patients. Kudos to you, to bed with me!

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Julana said...

I know how you fell. I have those days, too. It gave me a whole new respect for what the human body can take.