Monday, September 05, 2005

A Wardrobe for Peanut

My Little Peanut, is just as we call her, a peanut. She is very petite, ie short. So while her sister was born in April too, none of the hand me downs fit her. So I get to go shopping. I went with my daughter Elle, to pick out some things already. We have decided to match the two girls in a few might be fun! Elle was so thrilled, as it was her idea, and she helped pick out the clothes. She has some really good taste in clothes. I just can't beleive how small Peanut is turning out to be...she is still wearing size 12 months in clothes, when Elle had been into 2t by now. Oh well, like I said, time to go shopping! We did match the girls and they looked so cute coming home! H & M is opening near us for the first time ni our area...perhaps with all the sales I can get some great deals. See ya in the stores...

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Tara Marie said...

We have the same 'styling' issues here. I love H&M as they have wonderful cotton clothing [which are hip and reasonably priced]. I have found the coolest cotton capri's there [they have cute little ties on the side] that are wonderful for Emma Sage. The waist is elastic, so it holds her narrow hips well, but the length is almost perfect as pants [as opposed to capri's for typcial little legs].

From what I have read through the last four+ years, clothing to fit arm and leg length can be challenging.