Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lifes Little Guilty Pleasures

THere are a few things in life that are hard to admit to enjoying. Like some of the new night- soaps that are on the tube nowadays. Yes, I admit it, I love to watch Grey's Anatomy, with Patrick Dempsey and crew. I guess I enjoy watching Hollywoods take on the hospital scene (or maybe I just like watching Patrick Dempsey? I'll never tell). After all it seems as if I am in that kind of setting (the hospital) to often. The escapism of imagining what the heck is going on behind the scenes is a coping mechanism for whatever I'm there for. Like with Peanuts upcoming barium enema. When the physicians are walking down the hall, you wonder what their story is. What is their life like? Do they have a family? A wife? Kids of their own? Are they partaking in hospital gossip, enjoying hearing what is going on all around them, perhaps about themselves? Whatever made them decide to become a doctor in the first place? Why pick that particular field of medicine?
My mom is a nurse, although no longer practicing she keeps her licensure updated, just in case. Anyway, she used to tell me stories from the hospital where she worked and even from nursing school. This one was sleeping with that one and cheating on the next. Doctors were in bed with doctors and nurses alike. This one changing her life to be better while that one only bacame a nurse to marry a doctor. Crazy! It is one big happy family in these facilities...with all kinds of secrets in the halls.
Perhaps on the days that I feel my life is a little monotonous I should go down to the local hospital and hang out at the nurses station and see what is going on (truthfully, I could just ask Uncle John). Could be better then t.v., however somehow I don't think all the doc's out there are as dreamy as Patrick Dempsey (hey, don't laugh, my daughters OT thinks he's hotter then hot too! It's a girl thing).
Maybe I should reconsider the whole med school thing? I'm not THAT old, yet. Might be fun.....Sorry honey, but I think that medicine is calling me......Funny thing is I can't get away from it, it just keeps coming at me.....


Tara Marie said...

I was engaged to a dreamy doctor [first year resident when we parted] and the reason I parted,,,,I didn't want to be married to a man who spent many hours at the hospital......want to laugh, I married a pilot who spends many weeks away from home. Go figure!

I don't watch TV but have been hooked on 'Beautiful People'! I feel like a school girl again and have to be ready infront of the set by 9p.m. on Mondays,,,,and dare not you touch that dial [even for a commerical!]

I agree,,,,he is dreamy.

Belovedlife said...

Nighttime tv is wonderful....escape from your lives into the fictitious worlds of sex, lies and scandal....almost better then our lives, Or not!

Belovedlife said...

Lifes funny it throw things at you that you just never know. I'm sure that your husband is wonderful, after all , he is the one you married in the end.