Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Embarassing Moments

Today is the first day of school for my oldest daughter Elle. At 5, she is entering kindergarten in a new school, with new faces and all the trimmings. So I wanted to take her to school...a special thing that us mommies need to do. Elle got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and was ready with out a single whimper or whine. She gets in the car, and singing along to Hilary Duff we make our way to school. She holds my hand as we enter the school, and go to her classroom, but then the strangest thing happened. She let go of my hand and says "Bye mommie". I wsa all prepared to spend a few minutes with her getting familiar with the room and the kids, but nope, I get the cold shoulder. So I tell her I need to drop some papers off in the office, and I will be back to check on her. She says ok. When I return a few minutes later, she has found the puzzles and is working nicely at the table. I go over to kiss her goodbye, she looks at me and says, " Mommy, you're embarassing me!" SO with that wonderful send off I leave my five year old to her own devices and left. It's so nice to feel wanted and missed. Oh well, I guess we'll se how her day really went when I pick her up later. Love...ain't it grand?

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Julana said...

Maybe it's harder on us than it is on them. :-)