Thursday, September 08, 2005

Insanity Returns

Today was insane. This is life in my house within my world. I got up and got the kids dressed, fed, and properly cared for in the morning. I then had to take Elle to school, dropped her off, and stayed for an orientaiton for James, with James present. Not a good idea. He wanted to play while the orientation was meant for parents (they omitted that important peice of info). OK, so we make in through the program, but had to leave early as I had a patient to see with a travel time of 45 minutes. So I run home, drop James off to the Nanny, who is home with Peanut so she can stick to her schedule of therapy. I run to the patients home, see her, and run back home.After a quick stop to check in the homefront, Peanut was rolling her way around the livingroom for the OT, which by the way is a new feat (of course she does this for someone other then mommy). Then I run in the complete opposite direction, south earilier I was North, to drop off s package at one of my offices for yet another patient, I deciced I must take a moment to myself. So I make a detour to the grand opening of H & M. I can't miss this opportunity for a free t- shirt (just kidding, it was the lure of the 20% off coupon that got me in). Don't worry, it took me 30 minutes to get there, then there was no place to park (who the heck goes to a noon grand opening besides me?! Don't people have other things to do?) Finally I find a place to park, get out, find the store, and there are 300 people there! What the....ok so I don't get the t-shirt or the 20% off. But I did find a bunch of things for the kids, oh and of course for me too. I left with my wallet a lot lighter then I had intended, but I am going to return some stuff. I bought everthing I found for good reason. There was over an hours wait for the dressing rooms! Thats how busy this place was it was insane! It reminded me of the scenes you see Christmas Eve, with people clawing at items and cutting infront of people in lines....Crazy! So instead of standing in line for an hour I just bought everything and will return some later. (or not!?) Ok so I make it out of the stor ein one peice with minimal damage, stop at the office and go home. But only for a minute as I must go get Elle. When I get home I find I have an unexpected house guest. Apparently my NAnny invited a friend of hers who is also a Nanny over with her charges. I am not happy about this as I have become obsessively germ-o-phobic once my kids get back to school. Anyway, I don't say anything today, I'll say something tomorrow...when I can think how to approach this issue. I run to get Elle at school...she gets in the car with a smile so big, it's great! Finally I get home and Nanny leaves. I am nursing Peanut, when I relise I didn't make it to the grocery store. We all pile into the van and head to market...with three kids it is quite the exciting trip, for those observing. Actually the kids didn't whine, instead they regaled themselves to making Peanut laugh and shriek with delight as they ran her, yes RAN, through the store. Fun! We get home, and i make lasagna from scratch for dinner, and get started on my menu for Saterday lunch with my parents (See a welcome home luncheon). I made a roasted garlic and mashed potato gallete, Fandango salad, roasted garlic green beans with mango salad, apple strudel muffins, fresh bread, pesto pasta, breaded baked chicken, and for dessert chocolate and vanilla cakes. I had watermelon too, but I bought that. Takes too long to maake yourself. All the while the kids are tearing my house to peices, ok I exaggerated, just my living room. Brian gets home, bathes the kids and feeds them dinner as I am cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Finally my day ends as we put the kids to bed and I fall into mine. Tomorrow will be less busy, I hope!
I feel terrible that I missed three of four therapies today. I never, ok rarely miss time with the therapists. As I feel it is very important to keep on top of all that we are working on. What a crazy day. I am tired, so I'll be signing off now.....see ya!

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