Monday, September 26, 2005

Baffeling Case

We are stumped! No one really knows why Peanut is so constipated. We went to see the Gastroenterologist two weeks ago and they initially suspected Celiacs. We did some blood work and it came back negative. Which is great news. I can't imagine being allergic to wheat, spelt, rye, barley and oats. As it is I am allergic to eggs, and that's tough! But I digress. The Mds gave us some lovely smelling laxatives for Peanut and we have had her on them, but they have not made any differance to date. We have increased her fluids a little. She eats watermelon up the wazoo, and she started eating Cheerios with milk. So I give her a big spoonful of milk, with one Cheerio. She hasn't cuaght onto me yet, and eats beautifully, finishing a quarter cup of milk easliy. I know it is not alot, but it is a great improvement from before. Anyway, so now I have pushed the docs alittle to get them to check her for Hirschsrpungs, by doing a barium enema. I wanted the biopsy because From what I have read it is a more definitive diagnosis, but the mds will only do the enema first. Fine, at least we'll get the ball moving. Now I need to get my daughter an appointment. That's the hardest part. I just feel so bad for her sometimes, how she has to work so hard. But lately she has been awake at night, alot. I think her tummy is bothering her, but she is having trouble going. Tonight is suppository night if she can't get things going on her fun fun (NOT!).
She has increased her food repetior! She eats lettuce with sweet and sour dressing on it, she will eat steamed and or sauted zucchini, she loves it! Hopefully things will get moving. I am just at my wits end with worry and dismay!

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