Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How to get your parents to spend $1500

How do you get your parents to spend $1500? You go to Israel and break your foot. My lil sister fell when she got to her school in Israel. She was treated at the ER and sent back to school. Fast forward two painful weeks of phone calls and misery and you will find my sister at home with a Hot Pink cast on her left leg. SHe has a hair line fracture in her foot that was missed because the ER had not taken a comparative xray of her uninjured foot. BUt I digress. The reason she cost my parents so much was to fly last minute across the ocean was $1500 or thereabouts. WHile I don't recond this course of action, I personally feel it was money well spent as she is much happier and back to her old self. Mom, Dad if you are reading this, you can come to eat pasta with us any night of the week (well, except tonight, and maybe not sunday......or better call first). LOL just joking, you're invited anytime. Luv Ya! Welcome home Lil sis, we're glad you're back even though you cost an arm and a pun intended!


Julana said...

Oh, I just noticed you were a lactation consultant. The lactation consultant at the hospital where our son was born helped save my sanity. He was able to nurse right off the bat, unlike some of the other little ones. It helped us have a bond through those first four days in the NICU.

Belovedlife said...

I'm glad that someone was able to helpy ou...not all the LC's out there are able to help everyone in every situation. IN my case my collegues helped me get started (post partum I was not able to think clearly what I new alreasy professionally). Now, 17 mos later Peanut is still nursing and refuses any supplemental fluids.