Sunday, August 28, 2005

Amusement Park Nostalgia

Today we took the kids to a community day at the local amusement park. We spent the entire day running the kids to each ride, and back again; eating all the trimmings unique to amusment parks. You know what I'm talking about, the ice cream in dot form, the cotton candy, the hot dogs and hamburgers...all that yummy stuff your childhood memories are made of. Well, We spent the day creating some great memeories for our kids. They loved riding on the flying airplanes (redundant I know, but they are "flying" airplanes). The look in their eyes, and on their faces was of shear joy and pleasure. What a great day. Peanut enjoyed herself too, watching her siblings as they went up and down on ride after ride. In the car on the way home, the kids could barely keep their eyes open, they were so tired, yet so wired they had a hard time falling asleep after they got home.
I realized that people still stare at Peanut, but it doesn't bother me as much as it used too. Today at the park many people would look just a little longer, look at me and kinda half smile, or completely avoid eye contact. What used to bother me about it was how inhumane people seemed. Acting as if they too could catch what my child has. Now, if I catch people staring, and we lock eyes for that split second of knowing that I caught them, I smile. They look at me like I'm nuts and quickly avert their eyes. What am I smiling about? I have a secret. Her name is Peanut, she has taught me to be a better person. She is showing me how to be a better person every day. She may look a little different, but she is my secret and if people only knew what I know, they'd smile too. Today was a great day, filled with family, and wonderful memories in the making.


Lori said...

You eventually will get pretty used to people staring. I hadn't realized how used to it I had gotten until, on a visit to my parents in California, my dad asked me how I could stand people staring at Evan, who was probably 8 at the time. We had been walking along the beach & I hadn't noticed it at all!
I think our kids are a huge gift because, as you said, they really do make us better. I know I am braver, stronger and more patient because of Evan. Thank God!

Julana said...

We get a few people staring, but actually, most of them ignore us or smile. I am always surprised at how many people smile. Some mention they have a relative with a handicap. I think there are lot of hidden relatives in the crowd, who feel a connection when we walk by.

Tara Marie said...

It is a delightful secret and I wish the whole world could be let in on it!

I have found most of the stares are from kind curiosity and I too love when people make the connection [whether it is T21 or any other condition that is considered different from the a secret sorority/fraturnity, and people want to let you know that they too 'know the secret']

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful family outing [one that memories are made from].

Peace, TM

DonutsMom said...

This kind of post really makes me realize that I wish we could see you guys more often and share your adorable and special little secret......
When are you coming back to visit?