Friday, August 12, 2005

Lo$t Len$e$

Our saga continues with Peanuts lenses. We bought her her new $400/pair Silsoft lenses brought them home & put them in for the first time yesterday. But we LOST one. ARRRGH! I looked high & low. We used a flashlight to check the floor on hand & knees. We walked around barefoot, hoping a lense would adhere itself to our feet (I enlisted the kids in this fun & exciting activity, they thought it was a great game!) Security was tighter at my house then at Pittsburgh International Airport, as we did full body checks with flashlights, hair, shoulders, clothes, shoes, you name it we checked it. Nothing. $200 down the drain. We love Peanut, but in the last month she has cost us four lenses & a pair of very scratched glasses (which now I need to figue out how to replace without giving them the actual glasses). I ordered a replacement lens last night, & put a rush on it. Silsoft lenses, for those of you who are new to these, are special contact lenses made for people who have had their own lenses removed due to cataracts. They are used in what is called aphakic condition, have a hard center, & soft edges. They are very specialized, & very pricey. But very worth it, cuz they make a huge difference in Peanuts vision, when they stay in her eyes longer then a few hours.

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Tara Marie said...

OK,,,,,I'm going to pray that peanuts lenses stay put, and that that replacement lens has a very long life without any scratchs. Ouch on the $$$ but you are so right,,,,Peanuts world is so much brighter and clearer because of them.