Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy Times in a Sardine Box

These last few days have been so busy, I can't tell if I'm coming or going. Where to start..... We got back from our wonderful weekend to start a hecktic week. I saw a couple of patients, which kept me out of the malls, so my husband was happy. Plus, it's always nice to go work, and be appreciated for doing something other then laundry. We have begun to get ready for back to school, by going thru clothes and figuring out what needs to be purchased and what is reusable from last year. Luckily I buy my kids cloths big enough I usually get a couple of seasons out of them.
Now that we are back I feel the incredible need to clean my house. It is driving me crazy. We live in a nice size three bedroom home, but with all the therapists coming through on a daily basis and the entertaining we do my house feels very tight. Tighter on days when it is rainy and the kids can't go outside. So, having said this, We've kinda started looking around the area to see what was avialable in our price range. Not much. Disappointing. Sad actually, considering I have been feeling so cramped for the last six months, getting worse as the days go by. It's just when you have tried to clean up and put things away, but realize there is no place else to put anything, even after you've thrown things away; that's when you need to move. Perhaps, next year we can find something we like enough to call our next home. IN the meantime we'll be in the sardine box at the bottom of that big hill. Synical? Yes, But truthfully I am just glad that we have a home to call our own and that my kids are healthy. Because that is what is important in life, right?! Don't mind my ranting, I'm just feeling a bit squished this morning. Perhaps I'll feel better tomorrow.

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Julana said...

You sound like such a great mom! Sometimes you just need to get out of the house.