Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cruisin' Along

Peanut's cruisin'! We discovered that Peanut may have a depth perception issue. Thanks to some friends at unomas21, and aphakic group. Our team (all the therapists) were puzzled as to why she has the strength, but won't move. I mentioned this on one of the sights, and a parent wrote back about their childs depth perception issues. Apparently this is common in kids who have aphakia (missing the natural lense in their eyes). Once we figureed this out, we started to work around it. Today it paid off! For the longest time Peanut refused to stand against a surface and play. She always seemed to be scared, and would constantly lean back against you. Once we discovered the depth perception issue, we put her against the sofa, instead of the ottoman. That way it seems to be consistant black before her, and continuing up the wall. Today she cruised for the first time (with some guidance). But she moved herself on her own. She weight shifted and mover her hands and feet along the sofa to get at a toy. Way to go Peanut. It seems this week wasn't so bad after all. I just hope things continue to go so well.


Naomi said...

Yeah for Peanut on the crusing, glad you managed to figure out the depth perception thing. Is it patterned things she has issues with?

Belovedlife said...

we just figured it out. We think its any change in coloring between matarials.