Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Leg Up for Peanut

I put Peanut on a waiting list for Riding for the Handicapped in our area. I had called the barn where I used to ride for the University of Pittsburgh Equstrian Team (back in the old days). I had remembered that they used to have two days a week when kids with varying disabilities would get the chance to ride horses. I remember seeing how happy the kids looked when they were riding. So I wanted Peanut to have a chance to do the same. Besides, horseback riding is a love of mine, what better excuse for Mom to get back in the saddle? Anyway, it turns out there is a two- three year wait list for the program. Guess who is on that list? Peanut. They remembered me, and said they's put her on now. So in the next couple of years our phone should be ringing. You can bet I'll be tacking up and ready in no time!


Tara Marie said...

Emma Sage rides. Peanut will love it when she gets the call.

Julana said...

We tried horseback riding for awhile. I don't think we had the best PT. I had to run backward in front of the horse waving a toy, in 94 degree weather. Don't let yourself get in this position!