Sunday, August 07, 2005

Measles, Oh My!

We think Peanut has the measles. What fun! Over the weekend little dots started appearing all over her. From the start of them on Friday until this morning, they have been multiplying, until now when she is covered from head to toe. Poor girl, she is so itchy, she rubs herself with her arms and wriggles her feet on the carpet in an effort to scratch them. We think she got them from her MMR vaccine, which she received exactly ten days prior on friday. The pediatrician assures me that she is not contaigious, but wants to see her tomorrow to visually confirm the diagnosis (they made the Diagnosis over the phone). So until then, we are staying close to home, just for the sake of my little peanut.
We gave her some benedryl to help with the itchies, half the dose we were supposed to give so as not to make her too sleepy, but the funniest thing happened. I must preface this by telling you how flexible little Peanut is. She will sit on the floor and bend completely in half so that her nose touches her toes. Well this morning, about 20 minutes after giving her her medicine she is playing on the floor reaching to get at a toy, bending in half when she suddely gets really quiet. My husband and I tell her to get her toy and sit up, which she usually does, but she does nothing. We call her name, nothing. Suddenly we hear her snoring. The poor child, she was so tired from being up all night, and then the benadryl kicked in, she fell fast asleep, bent in half like a pretzel! I picked her up, nursed her and popped her into bed. She has slept for the last hour and a half. I hear her now, talking in her room, "mamamama bababa". Time to go get my itchy angel baby. She is so CUTE!


Julana said...

Too bad about the measles.
Our son used to fall asleep in the middle of eating, once in a great while. Very cute, too.

Naomi said...

How about these from an online friend of mine. her son Max (also chromosomaly enhanced) falls asleep in all kinds of wierd places including while looking for the remote Max Remote

Belovedlife said...

THose are so cute! My son also fall asleep in bizarre locations, but when he is feeling fine. Which is kinda scarey! I like the finding the remote one. VEry cute!